Braille Monitor                                                                  March 1985


Ferris Wheel Chapter on the Move

by Catherine Randall

(Note: The following article is reprinted from the December, 1984, newsletter of the National Federation of the Blind of Illinois. Catherine Randall is Editor of the newsletter, First Vice President of the NFB of Illinois, and President of the Ferris Wheel Chapter, which is located in Jacksonville.)

For over a month the Ferris Wheel Chapter has been promoting a public awareness campaign to inform the public about Federation work on a local, state, and national basis. We have recruited two unofficial new members, anad I have at least eight other people to contact. We have created a great deal of good will and $700 in the process, after expenses.

I built the fundraising part of the campaign around a dance featuring music from the 1950's through the 70's. Chapter Secretary Daryl Darnell spent long hours preparing the taped music. Daryl served as "disc jockey" for our November 4th dance, and Wolf-Man Jack could not have done a finer job.

I wish to thank the NFBI board members for attending our fundraiser and showing the Chapter such loyal support.

In addition to phoning and sending people "What Is the NFB" pamphlets, I spoke to Kiwanis, Rotary, to my church guild, and a men's prayer breakfast. I appeared on talk shows broadcast by both local radio stations. Press releases were sent to twelve area papers, and releases were printed in church newsletters and local club bulletins. My husband Bob's company, Jacksonville Landscape Nursery, will raffle a white pine tree for NFBI.

The Ferris Wheel Chapter is beginning an outreach program to senior blind citizens in the area. Chapter Treasurer David Gentry and his wife, Anna May, are developing this project. They plan to visit seniors in nursing homes and in their own homes. Follow-up information will appear in future issues as the program grows.