Braille Monitor                                                                  March 1985


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Diane McGeorge recently received the following letter from Denver Mayor Federieo Pena:

January 2, 1985

Dear Mrs. McGeorge:

As a recently appointed member of the Commission on Disabled, your sincere interest and dedication has provided valuable leadership to the Commission's work. In recognition of your outstanding efforts, I am pleased to appoint you as the first chairperson of the Commission on Disabled to serve until September 31, 1985.

**Optacon For Sale:

We have been asked to run the following announcement:

"For Sale: Optacon, excellent condition, used by a college student. Most reasonable offer accepted. Contact: Lucy Keely, 841 Longhunter Court, Nashville, Tennessee 37217; 615-366-0332."

**Distinguished Service Award:

At a luncheon on January 17, 1985, Curtis Chong received a distinguished service award from the Minneapolis Jaycees. Curtis Chong is one of the leaders of the NFB of Minnesota and the President of the NFB in Computer Science. He is also a highly respected Senior Technical Support Specialist at IDS/American Express. Increasingly Curtis is becoming recognized as one of the most capable leaders of the organized blind movement.


On Saturday, January 12, 1985, Kathleen Sullivan fell on the ice and broke her hip. She had surgery and was hospitalized in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where she is recuperating at the time of this writing. Kathy for many years has been one of the principal leaders of our movement in Wisconsin, but she is known and loved far beyond the borders of the state. Federationists from throughout the country have expressed concern for her speedy recovery and have called to wish her well.

**Necklaces and Key Chains:

The NFB of South Dakota asks that we carry the following announcement:

A great opportunity awaits you! The NFB of South Dakota has a limited number of necklaces and key chains for sale. They are an original design by Marshall Mayry done in cloisanae (fired enamel process) style, depicting a desert scene. Many participants of the 1984 NFB convention in Phoenix obtained them at that time. If you did not purchase one, now is your opportunity. We have priced both the necklaces and key chains at $2.00 each. Send your orders to: NFB of South Dakota, P.O. Box 124, Rapid Qty, South Dakota 57709.

**Feel and Read, See and Read:

Easter greeting cards. Secular only, $3.50 per box of 14 cards. Add 70 cents for name in print. This new price of combination Braille and print greeting cards will begin January, 1985. Sets of 14 -$3.50. Add 70 cents for name printed on each set. Birthday, Get Well, Sympathy, All Occasion. Orders for 8 cards are discontinued because of high costs in handling and wrapping. Envelopes: Size 6 1/2 by 9 1/2 are 100 for $4.00. Same size with metal clips are 100 for $6.00. 100 long white #10 are $2.25. Post paid. Please include correct payment with order and send to: Harry A. Fribush, 400 Hudson Avenue, Apt. 104, Albany, New York 12203.

**Free Bible Recordings:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"The Bible Alliance Mission distributes free cassette tape recordings of the Bible for the blind. Currently offered are the complete New Testament and parts of the Old Testament as well as some Bible studies. The Bible readings are recorded in 28 languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German. The English Bible offered is the King James or the New King James (which is the modern English version). To order your own tapes, please write: Bible Alliance Mission, Inc., 3003 North Blackstone Avenue Suite IF, Fresno, California 93704."

**Blind Jurors:

On November 14, 1984, USA Today carried the following item concerning actions of the United States Supreme Court: "Blind Jurors-Killed a lawsuit by blind California residents previously barred from serving as jurors. Justices let stand lower court rulings that the suit no longer presents a live controversy because the former state policy has been abandoned. A 1977 suit challenged the exclusion of the blind from jury duty in Los Angeles County. In 1978 a state law permitting the blind to serve took effect. The suit was refiled seeking damages."

**In Memory:

We have received the following letter from Lola Pace, President of the NFB of Wichita Falls, Texas:

"I am enclosing a check from our local chapter in memory of one of our most faithful members. The member was Shelbert Morris of Electra, Texas, and the check is for $35.00. Certainly his memory is worthy of much more, but we are a small chapter and we do what we can. We felt that we wanted to do something that would please him. He was very devoted to the cause.

"Also enclosed is a hand prepared article which was given to each person who attended the funeral. Both my husband, Preston, and I received one and we are keeping one for our local scrap book.

"Our chapter named Mr. Morris 'Outstanding Member of 1983.' While he was in the hospital and later when he went to a nursing home, he had his plaque hanging proudly above his bed. Even after he was unable to speak, it told of our organization."


The Philomatheon Society of the Blind is an affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio. The following persons have been elected to serve as officers of The Philomatheon Society of the Blind beginning January 19, 1985: President, Arthur Leading; Vice President, Jerald Dessecker; Secretary, Lavicia Brumbaugh; Assistant Secretary, Elsie Stevens; Treasurer, Virginia Shaffer; and Assistant Treasurer, Dorothy Sanford.

**Religious Material Available:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"The Susan Hall Franklin Foundation has a Christian lending library that is offering the entire J. Vernon MeGee Study Series, 'Thru the Bible,' on cassettes. To request any portion of the series for 30 days plus an index of other Christian topics available, send to: Susan Hall Franklin Foundation, 13615 Shaker Blvd., Suite 3-B, Cleveland, Ohio 44120."

**Visualtek Announces Braille Printer:

Visualtek, a company primarily operating as a manufacturer and distributor of closed circuit television magnifiers and other visual aids, has announced a new Braille printer. They report as

follows: The printer embosses Braille on continuous form computer Braille paper at a rate of ten characters per second. The printer will be known as MBOSS-1. It is based on a popular letter quality ink printer and sells for $3,225.00. For more information contact Visualtek, 1610 26th Street, Santa Monica, California 90404; 213-829-6841, TWX: 910-934-6875.


Tom Stevens writes:

"One way to enjoy a vacation is to be busy in NFB activities. In October Helen and I traveled to Pasadena, California. We have two nieces and two nephews (Trisha, Tawni, Timmy, and Todd) in Arcadia Christian School. I was able to make presentations to Trisha 's third grade class, to Timmy's eighth grade class, and to the elementary school assembly. There were probably a total of 260 children, grades 1 - 8, in those three periods. (I also presented to about 200 in one group.) I explained blindness and visual impairment, Braille, and the cane. There were many questions, with much interest. It was a very good experience. The next day Timmy, my brother-in-law Jim Utterback, and I participated in the San Fernando Valley Chapter walk-a-thon. I got all the blisters as we walked ten miles. We raised about $100 for the chapter. It was a distinct pleasure to meet old friends Nancy Smalley, Jerry Drake, and Donovan Cooper again, as well as enjoying the company and cooking of my brother and sister-in-law, Marge Utterback."


Federationist David Shapiro of Griffin, Georgia, recently received the following letter from Ford B. Ford, Under Secretary of Labor, United States Department of Labor:

November 27, 1984

Dear Mr. Shapiro:

It is my pleasure to invite you to serve another term as a member of the Department's Advisory Committee on Sheltered Workshops. Your new term will end on October 14, 1986.

I value the important contributions you have made while serving on the Committee and look forward to your acceptance of this invitation.

**Harvard Business Review and Other Material:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"The Harvard Business Review is now available in the 4 track, 15/16 ips format. It is a bimonthly publication and costs $5.50 per issue. Also available are various books on tape ranging from the Moosewood Cookbook to On Death and Dying. A list is available in large print or Braille. For information contact the Massachusetts Association for the Blind, 200 Ivy Street, Brookline, Massachusetts 02146; 617-738-5110."

**Bible Available in Different Languages:

We have been contacted by the Bible Alliance, Inc., P.O. Box 1549, Bradenton, Florida 33506. They say:

"Bible Alliance, Incorporated is a non-profit, tax exempt organization which provides free of charge to organizations of the blind and legally blind individuals, cassette tapes of the narrated Bible Scriptures.

"Bible Alliance has recorded the Bible (part of the Old Testament and all of the New Testament) on cassette tapes in English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin (Chineese), and Spanish, as well as other languages. In addition to the narrated tapes, we also have recorded a five cassette series of Bible study messages and a complete study of the Book of Romans."

**Braille Transcribers:

We have received the following letter from Lois Baskerville, President, Northern Nevada Braille Transcribers, 1015 Oxford Avenue, Sparks, Nevada 89431:

"The Northern Nevada Braille Transcribers, Incorporated, is Nevada's only officially organized volunteer Braille transcribing group. We have been incorporated for 6 months and active as a transcribing group for 4 months. For the second year I have taught a transcribing course to train more transcribers.

"A few of our members are interested in finding used, reasonably priced Perkins Braillers for their personal use in volunteer transcribing. Could you place an announcement to that effect in the Monitor? Any correspondence can be addressed to the above address.

"Also, it is my hope to teach another transcribing course beginning next September. But I need to find several more Perkins Braillers to be loaned to us for this class which runs for 9 months. We have the services of a highly skilled repairman, so the 'loaners' need not be in good working condition when we receive them. If you could publicize this need for us, it will be greatly appreciated."


The December, 1984, Observer (the publication of the Montana affiliate) reports the death of long-time Federationist Delos Kelly. He was born in 1912 and died of a massive heart attack November 26, 1984. Kelly held office in the Montana affiliate continuously from 1952 until the summer of 1984. He was active, energetic, dedicated, and perceptive. He will be greatly missed.


Encounter Enterprise Associates, 77 Topsfield Road, Wenham, Massachusetts 01984 (phone 617-468-3836) asks thatwe carry an announcement about the game Triviability.

"The game (Calendar Without Dates) asks and answers a trivia question for every day of the year according to the Julian Calendar. Triviability can be played by one or more people throughout the year. It provides questions and answers on a variety of topics and is referenced to the days of the week and the numbering system of the Julian Calendar, i.e., days 1 to 365. Triviability, Braille Edition, is presently available. Triviability, Large Print Edition, will be available soon. Both of these editions are prepared in magazine format and are identical in content to the standard printed version of Triviability, Calendar Without Dates...They afford the sighted and sightless an opportunity to mutually enjoy the trivia challenge-a trend so popular at this time. The cost of Triviability, Braille Edition, is $12.00. The estimated cost of the Large Print Edition is less than $15.00. Triviability, Standard Print Version, is $19.95. Any two may be purchased simultaneously for $25.00. All three may be purchased for $36.00. All items are available directly from EEA. Reduced prices are offered for quantity orders."


The Columbia Chapter of the Missouri affiliate held election of its officers recently. Chosen were: President, Bill Neal; Vice President, Don Branch; Secretary, Tom Stevens; Treasurer, Clete Hentges; Student Representative, Patty Stift; and Board Member, June Homan. Other responsibilities include: Legislation, Tom Stevens; Ways and Means, Gary Wunder; Historian, June Homan; Membership, Mary Lou Hentges; and Publicity, Mary Lou Hentges.

**Wine and Cheese Tasting:

Cheryl Finley, for many years the vivacious coordinator of the wine and cheese tasting party held annually at the national convention by the Cultural Exchange and International Program Committee, writes as follows:

Come one! Come all! Everyone is invited to help the C.E.I.P. Committee again open national convention and help raise money by coming to our festive wine and cheese tasting party. Don't let your dislike of wine be a deterrent. We will have both regular and diet soda pop for those who do not enjoy the pleasures of wine tasting. Four dollars will purchase you one ticket, and this will allow you a chance to taste three glasses of wine with several slices of cheese and several packages of crackers. The wine will include both domestic and imported selections. You can purchase a ticket from any C.E.I.P. Committee member before coming to national convention, by being in the registration area on Sunday morning, or just by coming to the party itself and buying a ticket at the door. This gala event will be held at the beginning of the National Federation of the Blind convention in Louisville, Kentucky, from 3:30 to 7:30 Sunday afternoon, June 30, 1985. If you want more information contact: Cheryl Finley, NTSU, NT Box 6099, Denton, Texas 76203; telephone 817-565-5889. Like man, if you ain't been to a C.E.I.P. wine and cheese tasting, you ain 't lived or floated. You ain't gourmandized either, and maybe not even gourmeted.

**To Help Them Publicize:

The January 9, 1985 issue of Fund Raising Management Weekly says in part:

"Former National Charities Information Bureau president M.C. Van de Workeen forms fund raising counseling firm. Philanthropy Counselors, Inc. (488 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10022-212-751-4481) will provide wide range of services to grantmakers, recipients of funds in public, private sectors. Van de Workeen will head board of counselors which includes: ...Richard Bleecker, former exec, director of National Accreditation Council for Agencies Serving the Blind and Visually Handicapped...Among other services being planned is periodic seminars and workshops nationwide. Van de Workeen, who headed Bureau for some 18 years, left following disagreement with board over direction of agency and standards' setting."

**Correct That Zip:

There must be something about Kentucky or Kentuckians, for we seem to be eternally getting their addresses wrong. In the January, 1985, issue of this magazine we carried an article called "Name That Thing," and in that article we gave the wrong zip code for Dr. T.V. Cranmer. Here is the correct zip (or at least we think it is the correct one) - 40601.


Mrs. Alice McConnell, a leader in our North Carolina affiliate, died in her sleep Sunday, January 27. At the time of her death Mrs. McConnell was secretary of the Skyline Chapter, NFB of North Carolina, in Asheville. In addition to her leadership role in the Federation, Mrs. McConnell was known to many Federationists as the mother of Don McConnell, editor of the Braille Monitor from January, 1977, to May, 1979.