Braille Monitor                                                                  June 1985


Monitor Miniatures

**Wins Honor:

The following item is reprinted from the December, 1984, issue of Que Pasa!, the publication of the National Federation of the Blind of New Mexico:

DeePak Pai, a member of the Las Cruces Chapter, has been selected as a winner in the Century 3 Leadership Program sponsored by the Exxon Corporation. This program selects only two students from each state with outstanding scholastic and leadership ability to attend a special seminar on national and international concerns. DeePak will be attending this conference March 15-18 in Williamsburg, Virginia. He will then be competing against the students selected from other states for a $10,000.00 scholarship award. Federationists in New Mexico are very proud of DeePak and his accomplishments and congratulate him for earning this prestigious recognition.

** Award:

John Smith was one of the leaders of the NFB of Nebraska. He then moved to Maryland, where he was equally active in the Federation. He and his wife Carol are now among the leadership of the NFB of Pennsylvania. John recently made public service announcements for the International Christian Fellowship for the Blind. He has also made other valuable contributions to the ICFB. He recently received the 1984 ICFB Fellowship Award, given annually to a person who has contributed significantly to the ministry.

**Devoted Fan:

Federationists have varied interests, and they tend to achieve recognition wherever they go. Recently Paul Burkhardt, staunch Federationist from Massachusetts, was featured in an article in the Springfield Union for his interest in and efforts on behalf of the basketball team of American International College. The team made it to the NCAA Division 2 National Quarter Finals, and Paul received special commendation for his assistance in publicizing and promoting.

**National Wellness Conference:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"The second annual conference on wellness and disabilities, sponsored by the Vinland National Center, will be held at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota, July 9-12, 1985.

World class disabled athletes from the United States and other countries will take part along with experts on health sports. The Fourth Annual Kaiser Roll, a race for both disabled and able-bodied athletes, will be held following the conference on July 13. For further information contact Joan Saari at 612479-3555."

**New Chapter:

A new chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Oklahoma was recently formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Stillwater is the home of Oklahoma State University, and the new chapter includes both university students and individuals from the community at large. Officers elected were: Jerry Halstead, President; Helen Cobb, Vice President; Rhanda Hastley, Secretary; and David Bell, Treasurer.

**Scourby Dies:

Alexander Scourby, one of the most recognizable, prolific, and beloved readers of talking and cassette books, died suddenly in late February at the age of seventy-one. While perhaps best known to blind people throughout the country as the reader of the complete King James Bible, Scourby also read over 425 other books during his forty years as a talking book narrator. Scourby started his professional career on the New York stage in 1936. He appeared in numerous Broadway plays, Shakespearean productions, and major movies. Countless T.V. and radio productions employed Scourby's distinctive style and voice. Most recently he was serving as host for the "Live from the Met" radio broadcasts.


We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"As present secretary of the Alumni Association of the West Virginia School for the Blind, I am trying to get in touch with all the graduated members, or people who have attended, the West Virginia School for the Blind.

"We at Alumni have missed seeing many faces and we feel that it is mainly because addresses have been lost or changed, Alumni has never had record of these addresses, or the people of the school have somehow lost touch with the Alumni Association.

"I would very much appreciate it if anyone who has ever attended the West Virginia School for the Blind would send their address to me, Jessie Rayle Perdue, at 457 Potomac Avenue, Romney, West Virginia 26757."

**Free Bible Cassettes for Blind:

Bible Alliance, Inc., P.O. Box 1549, Bradenton, Florida 33506 (phone 813-748 3031), is offering free Bible cassette tapes of New and Old Testaments, plus Bible messages, to all who are legally blind and those permanently disabled to such extent to affect their reading ability. Orders from individuals directed to Bible Alliance should include written certification of blindness or reading handicap from an organization for the blind or from a physician, if possible. Certification is not necessary if an organization for the blind orders for the individual. Further details available on request, "Attention: Mr. Lee H. Hilliard" at the above address.

**Diabetic Committee Support Network:

Karen Mayry, Chairman of the Diabetic Committee, writes:

"It's working! Our Diabetic Committee Support Network has come to fruition. Originally, we had hoped that we could offer support to diabetics around the nation who were facing ramifications of the disease. Thus far, we have often heard about diabetics suffering from renal failure, strokes, amputations, and blindness. We followed up with telephone calls and letters of support to them. However, the tide has turned. In October of 1984, Eileen O'Brien and I offered our names--plus others involved with the Network--to Dr. John Najarian, Chief of Surgery at the University of Minnesota Hospital. We informed him we would be willing to talk with persons facing kidney transplants. As a result we have had our first call from Fairbanks, Alaska. A young man was referred to me by his doctor who received my name from the University of Minnesota Kidney Transplant Department. I was able to offer positive reinforcement regarding his upcoming transplant, answer specific questions about drugs he will take, and quell fears. In addition, he was interested in becoming a member of the NFB Diabetic Committee. GREAT! Hopefully he will go on to help others once he exits the hospital.

"During the past year we have had contact with approximately 150 diabetics and their relatives. We are on the move informing diabetics who are facing the side effects of the disease that life is what we make of it. By helping others, we are helping ourselves to continue the belief that neither blindness nor diabetes will keep us from progressing."


Clara Mae Rowland, President of the National Federation of the Blind of Youngstown, Ohio, writes:

"I wish to inform the readers of the Braille Monitor that Annabelle Sparks has passed away. Annabelle had been an active member of the National Federation of the Blind of Youngstown for more than thirty years. She had been a member of our chapter's board of directors, a delegate to many state conventions, and a member of many chapter committees. She will be missed by her family and many friends."

** Grandson:

As Federationists know, Phil Oliver is President of the National Federation of the Blind of Massachusetts. He and Claire write:

"We are pleased to announce the birth of our second grandson, Ryan Louis. Ryan came into this world weighing five pounds and one ounce. He was nineteen inches long. He made his arrival at 1:31 p.m. on March 31st, 1985. His mother is Michelle Halligan, a new member of the NFB of Nashoba Valley. It is hard to believe that we are still in our early forties and have two grandchildren."

**Alabama Convention:

The annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Alabama was held in Birmingham April 12 - 14, 1985. Participation was enthusiastic, and PAC Plan contributions were increased by $66.50 per month. The following people were elected to office: Thelma Blount, Birmingham, President; Charles Hutchinson, Montgomery, First Vice President; Mike Norris, Birmingham, Second Vice President; Louise Green, Montgomery, Secretary; and Reverend Frank Lee, Gadsden, Treasurer. Elected to the board were: Larry York, Mobile; Willie Armstrong, Taladega; Thelma Simmons, Mobile; and Dale Hamm, Birmingham.

**Kansans Form Local Chapter:

Thanks to the efforts of some new and long-time Federationists in Kansas, we now have a new local chapter in the capital city of Topeka. It is known as the Capital Chapter, NFB of Kansas. The following officers are serving their initial term: President, William Munck; First Vice President, Richard Priestley; and Secretary-Treasurer, Caroline Lauer. Board members are Charles Hallenbeck, Tom Anderson, and Loren Buntemeyer. The chapter has formed active committees to work on membership, legislation, job opportunities for the blind, and public relations.

**State Elections:

The following persons were elected to office at the 1985 convention of the Missouri affiliate: Gary Wunder, President; John Ford, First Vice President; Kevan Worley, Second Vice President; Bill Neal, Recording Secretary; Jim Moynihan, Corresponding Secretary; and John Dower, Treasurer. The five additional board members are: Rita Lynch, Billie Weaver, Roy Zuvers, Melvin Lewis, and Dick Morris.

**New Job:

David Andrews, the Radio Station Manager of Audiovision at the New Jersey Library for the Blind and Handicapped and one of the leaders of the NFB of New Jersey, has accepted the position of Manager of the Chicagoland Radio Information Service in Illinois. He began his new job May 13, 1985.


Ellen Robertson, President of the Mid Hudson Chapter of the NFB of New York, writes:

"As of April 9, 1985, Sterling France, First Vice President of the NFB of New York State, has been appointed to the Board of Commissioners of the New York State Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped, replacing William Gallagher. This term of service continues until June of 1990."

**Appointed by Governor:

Sid Allen, a leader of the West Virginia affiliate and a member of the National Board, is a quiet and unassuming man, but he is universally liked and respected. Dick Porter, President of the NFB of West Virginia, recently recommended to Governor Arch Moore that Sid be appointed to the State Human Rights Commission:

State of West Virginia
Office of the Governor
Charleston, West Virginia

April 7, 1985

Dear Dick:

Your recent correspondence has been received and I appreciate your taking the time to recommend Mr. E. Sid Allen of Huntington for an appointment to the Human Rights Commission.

The confidence which you have placed in Sid is gratifying and I am pleased to advise that in view of your recommendation I did appoint Mr. Allen to that position on April 3, 1985, for the term ending June 30, 1986. His nomination was confirmed by Senate action on April 5, 1985.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with me and I hope you will never hesitate to contact me anytime I may be of service to you.


Arch A. Moore, Jr.