Braille Monitor                                                                  July 1985


Monitor Miniatures

**New Arrival:

Tom and Florence Blume are among the leadership of the New Jersey affiliate. We recently received from them the following joyous communication:

Not Flesh of My Flesh,
Not Bone of My Bone
But still miraculously my own.
Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow
Under my heart--but in it.

Contributed by A friend of OURS

Announcing the homecoming of: Melissa Catherine Blume; age three and one-half years; height 36 inches; weight 27 pounds; arrived on April 12, 1985; lovingly announced by Tom and Florence Blume.


Catherine Gaffney, Corresponding Secretary of the National Federation of the Blind of Rhode Island, writes: "The National Federation of the Blind of Rhode Island regrets to announce the recent untimely death after a short illness of Harold Brown. Harold had served as our second vice president since 1978 and served on many committees such as transportation and bylaws. He also attended the national convention in 1981 in Baltimore and was looking forward to joining our delegation to Louisville this year. His work and dedication will be greatly missed."


Brad Greenspan is an active Federationist in the New York affiliate. The following proclamation gives testimony to the community awareness he is inspiring:

Whereas, inspired by the internatoinal motto: "We serve," members of the Central Islip Lions Club have embraced this year's theme, "Answer the Call"; and

Whereas, answering that call with more than adequate response is Brad Greenspan of Central Islip, who as Frist Vice President of the Central Islip Lions Club, member of the Outreach Advisory Council to the Suffolk Cooperative Library System and advisor and advocate for the handicapped through the Suffolk County Office for the Aging, has provided a superior example of what may be accomplished by a positive attitude and the diligent desire to succeed; and

Whereas, dedicated and untiring labors have helped the handicapped, minority groups, the disadvantaged, senior citizens, and all who express need; and

Whereas, as First Vice President of the National Federation of the Blind, a consumer advocacy organization which promotes public and self-awareness, he has helped those who can see, to recognize the role of sightless citizens, their need to be free of discrimination and the recognition they merit for contributions in countless areas; and

Now, Therefore, We, as the governing body of the Town of Islip, by virtue of the authority vested in the Supervisor, hereby applaud Brad Greenspan for sharing with so many others, the effects of his talent, spirit, and love of life.

Done at Town Hall
Islip, New York
April 16, 1985

**Oregon Convention:

David Hyde, President of the National Federation of the Blind of Oregon, writes as follows about the Oregon convention: The fifteenth annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Oregon was held March 22-24 in Portland. It was the best convention the affiliate has ever had. Marc Maurer was the national representative. Insurance Commissioner Josephine Driscoll pledged to see our model insurance regulation adopted by all states. Dr. Erie Paulmer of the Oregon state Health Sciences Center in Portland, discussed the new wave of children we are currently seeing with Retrolental Fibroplasia (RLF) in this state and throughout the country. He said that there is no real consensus as to what the cause of the condition is, and that the former idea of too much oxygen for premature infants may have been prematurely arrived at. Elected to the board for a two-year term were Jackie Shepherd of Bend, and Karin Cox of Portland; elected for a one-year term was Wally Pehrson of Portland. Karin Cox was re-nominated to serve on the board of the Oregon Commission for the Blind, with Matt Millspaugh as alternate. Oregon doubled its PAC Plan pledges during the convention, and members left the convention re-dedicated to our movement.

**Student Association Representative:

One of the most widely known members of the National Federation of the Blind is Cheryl Finley-McCaslin. Her laughter, enthusiasm, and commitment are proverbial. She is now attending North Texas State University, an institution with more than 20,000 students. It is not surprising that she has been elected by her fellow students to the governing board of the University's Student Association. She represents the School of Library and Information Sciences. Congratulations to you, Cheryl.

**New Baby:

Dick Porter, President of the NFB of West Virgiina, informs us as follows: At approximately 6:00 a.m. April 5, 1985, Eric Joseph Kirby made his appearance in this world. He weighed seven pounds, nine ounces. His father and mother, Larry and Ruth Kirby, are members of the Kanawha Valley Chapter of the NFB of West Virginia.

**Music Biography:

Federationist Miss Toby Weissmann, 19822 Brookhurst Street, Huntington Beach, California 92646, writes: Please put this in the Monitor Miniatures. I have been blind since birth. The autobiography which I have written is about my music studies at two agencies for the blind, two schools for the blind, and two colleges. Please contact me in Braille or cassette concerning places that might publish or appraise it. This is my fifth year as a member of the Orange County Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind.

**Electronic Aids at Reduced Prices:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"Associated Services for the Blind in Philadelphia is announcing their 1985 subsidy program for electronic aids. Included in the program are the Optacon and VersaBraille, and computer related technology.

"Thanks to a special grant from the Medical Trust, one of the Pew Charitable Trusts, ASB is able to provide this equipment at significantly reduced cost to the purchaser. Training in the use of the aids is provided at no cost. "Over the past 10 years ASB has distributed $1 million in electronic aids at reduced prices to people throughout the United States. For further information applicants may contact Frederick W. Noesner, Director of Electronic Aids Program, Associated Services for the Blind, 919 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107, or phone 215-627-3501."

**Drunk Driving:

The April 17, 1985, San Francisco Chronicle carries an item which we give you without comment:

"In Chesapeake, Virginia, police arrested Mark Daniels, 24, last Tuesday night and charged him with drunken driving, reckless driving and driving without a license. Daniels, who was wearing sunglasses, said he had taken the wheel because his female companion was too drunk to drive. He is blind.

'"I didn't believe him at first,' said Patrolman R.L. Farney. Daniels said that his companion, Kelly Pelton, 20, had been directing him. She was charged with being drunk in public and allowing a blind man to drive."

**New Baby:

Kristi Chase and Gail Crowe announce the birth of their daughter, Holly Nichole, on Sunday, February 24, 1985, at 12:26 p.m. She weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces, and was 21 and one-half inches long. She was delivered by both parents at home and joins Shawn Phillip, who was also born at home. Holly attended her first NFB of Delaware meeting when she was about a month old.

**Communication from California: Joy Smith writes as follows:

"On March 27, 1985, Alisa Diane Smith was born to Kelly and Christy Smith, thus making Joy and Roy Smith grandparents for the first time. She weighed

7 pounds, 8 ounces, measured 21 and one half inches, and was born in Santa Maria California.

"Since Alisa was born at 4:30 p.m. on the 27th of March and I needed to leave for the California convention at 6:00 a.m. on the 28th of March, I found myself looking from Santa Barbara to Santa Maria and Los Angeles at the same time. Commitments to the California convention won, and Alisa had to wait for four days.

"It was a fine convention, and as it turned out Alisa and the Federation joined together. Nick Medina donated a ten dollar bill, along with an associate form, as a door prize and Muzzy Marcelino won the door prize. Muzzy announced that he wanted to sign Alisa Smith up as a member at large (Associate). Since Alisa was only three days old, she may have become the youngest Associate."

**For Sale:

Sam Sitt, 1751 S.E. Jackson Street, Stuart, Florida, 305-286-0005, writes as follows: For Sale: 2 soft pack carriers for the Optacon $35.00 each; 1 set of training manuals for the Optacon $10.00; a Banks Braille writer $10.00.


Harvey Webb writes: Last Thursday night, April 18, the following officers were installed at the Caw Valley Chapter of the NFB of Kansas: Harvey Webb, President; Raymond Peed, Vice President; Dolly Arensman, Corresponding Secretary; Martha Kelly, Recording Secretary; and Naomi Bowen, Treasurer.

**In Memoriam:

Steve Benson, President of the NFB of Illinois, writes:

I regret having to inform you that on the evening of May 7, 1985, Gwendolyn Williams died after having a massive stroke. Miss Williams, who was a charter member of our Illinois affiliate, had been very active in the civil rights movement for quite some time before becoming involved with the NFB. In many ways she had a fuller understanding of our objectives, our philosophy, and the why of our activities than some of our members who are blind.

Miss Williams was almost 95 at the time of her death, and she didn't like attention drawn to her age or to the fact that she was as active in the Federation as she was. She perceived her hard work as the norm, and she felt that anything less than the highest quality work showed lack of genuine effort. Last Saturday, two days before Miss Williams' stroke, my wife Peg spoke with her on the phone. Miss Williams was in the midst of addressing a thousand envelopes for a political candidate's fundraiser. She boasted to Peg that she could address 400 envelopes to anyone else's fifty. That's how she was. Gwendolyn Williams was a graduate of the University of Chicago. She taught history in the Chicago public schools. She loved opera, Welsh poetry, and song and good wit. She was a woman of culture. Her devotion to the Federation ran deep. Her family asks that memorial contributions be sent to the NFB in her name. She will indeed be missed, but no one can mourn the full and active, vigorous life she lived.

**New York Computer Group:

Mary West sends us the following announcement:

"Please include this piece of information in your column. Thanks very much. "The New York Blind Computer Users Group was organized by Elizabeth Aid worth and David Arocho, who are the present chairpeople. The group meets once a month; the first meeting was in April of 1985. Objectives: To share knowledge; to keep abreast of the latest technology. We will welcome guest speakers who will demonstrate equipment and software of interest to group members. For further information please write (tape, Braille, or print) or call David Arocho. His address is: 80 North Moore Avenue, Apt. 4K, New York, New York 10013; telephone 212-608-1685."


At the April 27, 1985, meeting the following officers were elected by the Metro Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota for the ensuing year: President, Stewart Prost; Vice President, Tim Aune; Second Vice President, Bill Laack; Secretary, Judy Sanders; and Treasurer, Donna Jorgenson.

**Adams Honored:

Dr. Andrew Adams was federal Commissioner of Rehabilitation in the mid1970's. In that capacity he worked closely with the organized blind movement. For the past several years Dr. Adams has been employed with the Department of the Interior. At special ceremonies on April 24, 1985, Dr. Adams received from the Secretary of the Interior an honor award for distinguished service. Congratulations to Dr. Adams for the recognition he has received and the service he continues to render.

**Ham Radio:

Paul Burkhardt, long-time Federationist from Massachusetts, says:

"There is a new magazine (in fact, several new ones) now available on cassette from DX Radio Network. Short Wave Guide and MT, plus a variety of other materials, are being produced. For information contact Phillip M. Dampier, Director General, DX Radio Network, 3176 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, New York 14618-2535."

**Maneki Spreads Word:

Long-time Federationists Al and Sharon Maneki are part of the leadership of the National Federation of the Blind of Maryland. Both of them are employed with the National Security Agency. Sharon recently wrote:

"The May, 1985, issue of the National Security Agency newsletter contains a letter from Al giving the Courtesy Rules of the NFB. Al wrote this because of a previous inquiry in the newsletter. Many other government agencies, companies, etc. have newsletters. We should do more of this activity."


We recently received the following announcement in the National Office:

As a rainbow brings beauty to our lives, So our love brings the promise of joy.

Shelia Patricia Byrd and Harvey Fisher announce their marriage on the eleventh of May, Nineteen hundred and eighty five, Olathe, Kansas.