Braille Monitor                                                                  August-September 1985



We often hear talk about credibility, and sometimes it is hard to know which organization or individual to believe. Therefore, it is especially helpful when an objective test can be found.

Brad Greenspan is a member of the National Federation of the Blind. He lives in New York. He says he is not a member of the American Council of the Blind nor has ever been. The July, 1985, edition of the Braille Forum (which is the official publication of the American Council of the Blind) carries the following item:

"ACB member Brad Greenspan was recently honored by a proclamation by town officials of Islip, New York, in tribute to his efforts in response to the needs of others. The proclamation states that he 'has provided a superior example of what may be accomplished by a positive attitude.' Mr. Greenspan is First Vice President of the Central Islip Lions Club, a member of the Outreach Advisory Council to the Suffolk County Cooperative Library System, and Advisor and Advocate to the handicapped to the Suffolk County Office for the Aging."

So says the Braille Forum; and, as might be expected, the so-called "mistake" is now exposed for all to see. As Federationists will remember, the July, 1985, Braille Monitor also carried an article about the proclamation. It reported (accurately) that "Brad Greenspan is an active Federationist in the New York affiliate." Yes, it helps to have an objective test.