Braille Monitor                                                                  October 1985


Monitor Miniatures

****Short Story Contest:

The Writers Division of the National Federation of the Blind makes the following announcement:

The Writers Division is now holding a short story contest. The contest is open to anyone. Entries must be typed and can range from 750 to 1,000 words. There is no restraint on topic. Please include a one dollar check with each entry. All submissions should be previously unpublished. No simultaneous submissions. First prize is $35, second prize, $15. Winners will be published in SLATE & STYLE. No obscenity. The contest deadline is December 31, 1985. If you wish your story returned, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Address all entries to: SLATE & STYLE, 132 Beach Drive, Merrick, New York 11566.

**Gold Medals:

Peggy Woodward, Federationist from Colorado, won five gold medals this year at the 9th Annual United States Association for Blind Athletes competition at Montclair, New Jersey. More than 500 athletes from 33 states and Canada competed in a variety of athletic events according to their age group and ability to see. Peggy won in the 50-meter breast stroke, 200-meter individual medley, 100-meter freestyle, 50-meter freestyle, and 50-meter back crawl.

**New Arrival:

Federationists will remember that John Thompson was formerly employed at the National Office of the Federation in Baltimore. He and his wife Mary now live in Missouri, and he is employed at the Kansas State School for the Blind. We recently received the following announcement:

"Name: Scott Allen Thompson; Born: July 16, 1985, 2:27 a.m.; Weight: 10 pounds; Parents: VV. John and Mary Thompson."

**Thrifty About Rights:

Dean Bundy is a member of the Knoxville, Tennessee, Chapter. He writes:

"Our President is Sandy Boohers. The clerk in the ACB Thrift Store on Central Avenue here tried to kick her and her dog guide out not long ago. 'Can't you read the sign?' he said. 'No dogs allowed.' She told him that she and her dog could go anywhere they pleased, and he had no business of asking her to leave a store run by the American Council of the Blind. Naturally, the clerk was a fully sighted fellow."

**From Ohio:

Ron Williamitis, President of the Dayton Federation of the Blind, writes: "Just a couple of brief points that, in my opinion, would be worth printing in the "Monitor Miniatures" section. They concern one of our sighted members, and are as follows:

"Sandra Curtis, one of our long-time sighted members, recently received the top honor of Jaycee Woman of the Year for the Kettering area. This was made possible partly because of Sandra's efforts to spread our Federation message throughout the Jaycee movement. It is gratifying to see a sighted member learn and understand our message and assist in our public education efforts. Also as a second point, Sandra recently presented our local affiliate with a check for $159.76 as a donation from her local

Jaycee chapter."

** Eastern Washington Organized: Albert Sanchez and Carol Wedrick, two of the leaders of the NFB of Washington, write:

"The month of August will be long remembered by many people for many things, but for us, and the NFB of Washington, it will be remembered as the month we reorganized a chapter in Eastern Washington! On Monday, August 12, we traveled via Amtrack to Spokane, where, with the able guidance of Dr. Norman Gardner, President of the NFB of Idaho, we did organizing and recruiting. After several days we held the meeting and formed a local chapter, and it will be a good one. The following people were elected: President, Paul Whipple; First Vice President, Jamie Weaver (a recent scholarship applicant); Second Vice President, Albert Sanchez (who is shortly moving to Spokane to open his piano tuning business); Secretary, Elizabeth Butterfield; and Treasurer, Lissa Nash (parent of a blind child). Don Edwards and Jim Barry were elected to the board."

**Comet Halley Returns:

NASA makes the following announcement: Comet Halley Returns, a NASA educational publication, is now available in Braille form. Comet Halley Returns provides a description of the history and basic properties of comets, focusing on Halley's Comet, which will become visible in early 1986. The publication also includes classroom activities designed to enhance the reader's knowledge and interest in this once in a lifetime astronomical event. Copies of Comet Halley Returns may be obtained free of charge. Contact Joseph Nervi, Coordinator of Educational Programs for the Handicapped, at the following address with any comments or suggestions concerning Comet Halley Returns: NASA Lewis Research Center, 21000 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44135, Attention: Joseph A. Nervi, Jr., Mail Stop 7-4.

** Cook book Available:

We have been asked to run the following announcement:

"I am now taking orders for a brand new cookbook in Braille. Food For Thought is a two-volume collection of some of the most mouthwatering recipes, beverages, breads, casseroles, and desserts. The selling price of this unique kitchen aid is $20. As a special bonus for any orders of five copies or more, I am offering a discount of $5 per copy. These cookbooks would make good Christmas presents for your Braille reading friends. To order, send a money order and your complete name, address, and zip code to April Enderton, 711 Gray, Des Moines, Iowa 50315. Please allow five weeks for delivery."

**Cassettes for Sale:

The Writers Division of the National Federation of the Blind is selling 90 minutes cassettes for $2, which include major articles from the last three issues of SLATE & STYLE (the Division's publication), project information, and the reading of the Division by-laws. The cassettes provide a sample of the content of the newsletter. They are corded on two tracks. To order, write to Nancy Scott, 1141 Washington Street, Easton, Pennsylvania 18042. Checks should be made payable to: National Federation of the Blind Writers Division.