Braille Monitor                                                                                January 1986



Monitor Miniatures

**Braille Produced to Order:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"Multiple Services Media Technology, Inc. (MSMT) was organized to serve the blind and visually impaired population nationwide. Braille, large print, and low vision aids (magnification) are all available at the MSMT office at nominal cost. Typed documents can be processed in Braille or large print (up to 2 1/2 inches) and returned to the customer within 72 hours. For further information, please call MSMT at (415) 4546768, or send inquiries to: MSMT, Inc., 1000 - 4th Street, Suite 390, San Rafael, California 94901."

**Senatorial Taping:

The October 6, 1985, Duluth (Minnesota) Budgeteer carried the following article:

Tape Recorded Responses For Blind

Senator Rudy Boschwitz has announced that blind Minnesotans now will be able to receive tape recorded responses to their letters to him.

"For a number of years, I've answered letters to the hearing impaired on a special teletype (TTY) machine which involves using a typewriter and a telephone," Boschwitz said. "Now I'd like to start a similar service for those with sight impairments.

"I'm asking any of my Minnesota constituents who are blind and wish to communicate with me to send a recorded letter on a cassette, and in return I will send the response back on a cassette."

Boschwitz's idea has the support of the Minnesota Federation of the Blind. Boschwitz added: "I welcome letters from all Minnesotans."

**To Sell:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

For Sale: Maryland Computer Systems "Total Talk II." Modified Hewlett Packard 2621A computer terminal with votrax speech output. Manual and accompanying literature intact. Like new condition. Price negotiable. Call (406) 543-4950 (evenings).

**TSI Announces:

Telesensory Systems, Inc., is now marketing PC VERT and SOFT VERT. PC VERT, which sells for $3,650, includes a personal computer with talking and word processing software. SOFT VERT, which sells for $750 without a voice synthesizer, is designed to work with IBM PC and PC-Zenith. It is also available with synthesizers. Prices vary according to the type of synthesizer chosen. For further information, contact Tele sensory Systems, Inc., 455 North Bernardo Avenue, Mountain View, California 94043.


Joyce Scanlan went to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Minneapolis September 9, 1985, for the enucleation of an eye. She had been having severe glaucoma pains, so the surgery was necessary to releive the pressure. This was her second enucleation. The operation was successful, and Joyce hardly slowed the busy pace of her work schedule.

**Kennelly Amendment Comment:

When the National Federation of the Blind and Congresswoman Barbara Kenneliy worked together a few years ago to pass legislation to give the blind the right to operate vending machines at federal highway rest stops, there were some (especially, those who had not thought of the legislation themselves) who expressed doubts concerning its efficacy. Without fanfare the program has continued to expand throughout the country. As an example, it reach Minnesota in 1985. The first vending machines in the state were installed in the spring at the Thompson Hill Travel Information Center in Duluth. F.C. Marshall, Minnesota/DOT assistant commissioner, Technical Services, said the Duluth installation generates an average of more than $2,000 in monthly income. Later in 1985 the program was initiated in the twin cities area. Any state which is not taking advantage of this program is not only missing an excellent opportunity for increased income for the blind but is also being wasteful of its potential resources.

**Missouri Move-A-Thon:

Rita Lynch writes:

"The first annual move-a-thon for the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri was held on Saturday, September 28, 1985, in Jefferson City. The weather was beautiful as the 23 participants moved over the 10-mile course. Over $1,200 in pledges was turned in."

**Speech At Your Fingertips:

George Grant of Tennessee sends us the following from Science 85:

Stanford, California--While it may lack the human touch, a mechanical hand designed and built by Stanford University engineering students can easily form the manual alphabet. The hand is meant to free those who are both deaf and blind from constant dependence on a human interpreter. A user "reads" the device through touch--each configuration of the four jointed fingers and opposable thumb represents a different letter. The prototype hand, directed by an IBM personal computer, can make two letters each second. The students say it will eventually be able to interpret electronic signals from a telephone as well as from a computer keyboard.


We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

I am a visually impaired Ph.D. student at New York University engaged in doctoral research on blindness. I am in need of blind and legally blind individuals between the ages of sixteen and sixty-five who would be interested in participating in this research. It has been most difficult to acquire the large number of subjects necessary for this research.

The research consists of a simply stated multiple choice attitude toward blindness scale which, if you wish to participate, would be mailed to you. The scale would be in your choice of either large print or Braille and would take less than an hour of your time to fill out. All postage costs would be paid by the researcher. It is hoped that the research will aid in the understanding and welfare of blind individuals. All answers to the scale will be completely anonymous. No one's name will ever be mentioned in any research report.

If you are willing to participate in the study, will you please contact us at the following address, indicating your preference for large print or Braille: Ms. Joan Kinzer, 3 Washington Square Village, Apt. 8-K, New York, New York 10012.

**New Chapter:

Matt Millspaugh writes:

"On Thursday, October 24, the Oregon Trail Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Oregon was organized in Pendleton. Officers include Roy Timm, President; Dale Faro, Vice President; Robin Cox, Secretary; and Trish Glass, Treasurer. Since this is our first chapter organized east of the Cascade Mountains, we are particularly excited to bring Federationism back to the Other Oregon."

**New York Convention: Lorraine Webb writes:

"The 29th annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind of New York State was held October 25 - 27, 1985, in Plain view. Among the topics discussed throughout the weekend were education of blind children, insurance discrimination, and employment of the blind. Resolutions concerning revenue foregone, the acceptance of national insurance standards in New York State, and the Playboy issue were unanimously adopted by the convention. Pledges totaling $3,200, half of which will be forwarded to the national treasury, were made at the close of the banquet on Saturday evening. Newly elected officers of the New York State affiliate were: David Arocho, President; Ellen Robertson, First Vice President; Lucy Carpenter, Second Vice President; Charlie Hamberger, Treasurer; and Lorraine Webb, Secretary."

**Burda Baby:

The following comes to us from Chicago:

NFBI Chicago members Tony and Mari Burda have been blessed with the joyous arrival of their second baby girl. Valerie Lynn was born on Sunday, October 20th, at 6:45 a.m., weighing 8 pounds, 4 ounces, and 20 1/2 inches long. Mother, father, Valerie, and 2 1/2 year-old Natalie are doing well.


We recently received the following letter:

Dear Sir:

I thought you might be interested to know that our harp books have been published in Braille and, thus, blind students can become harpists. If you have a newsletter that goes to a mailing list, perhaps this could be mentioned. More information available. Just call or write: Carol L. Carlson, Teacher Harps, 282 Stepstone Hill, Guilford, Connecticut 06437; 203-453-1973.


Ruby Brown, President of the Toledo Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio, died in October from complications of a stroke. Ruby was a long-time Federationist, one who was loved and respected.


As Federationists know, Fred Schroeder is President of the National Federation of the Blind of New Mexico, President of the National Association of Blind Educators, and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Federation of the Blind. We recently received a copy of the following certificate:

Outstanding Young Men of America

This is to certify that Fredric Kauffmann Schroeder has been selected as an Outstanding Young Man of America for 1985 in recognition of outstanding professional achievement, superior leadership ability, and exceptional service to the community.

Doug Blankenship, Chairman
Board of Advisors


We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"Triformation Braille Service, Inc., is seeking certified proofreaders who would be willing to relocate to Florida. Come join a progressive corporation, up and coming in Braille production. Live and work in a warm, relaxed atmosphere year 'round; we'll help. Call us at 305-286-8366 or write to TBS, Inc., 3142 S.E. Jay Street, Stuart, Florida 33497."


When we carried the article concerning Scholarships in the November, 1985, issue of the Monitor, we inadvertently omitted the name of Ron Connelly of Connecticut from the list of those appointed to membership on the Committee. Also, Gary Mackenstadt of Washington State was incorrectly listed as a member of the Committee. We apologize for the mistake.

**Sharp Talking Clocks:

We now have the original Sharp talking clocks for sale. The price is $65. Send orders to: National Federation of the Blind, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230. Clocks can be shipped immediately.