Braille Monitor                                                                                February 1986



Human Services Directory Announcement

by Betsy Zaborowski, Psy. D.
President, NFB Human Services Division

The Human Services Division of the National Federation of the Blind is in the process of receiving biographical information from NFB members who are presently employed in a human services field. The Division plans to compile a resource directory of blind human services professionals. The directory will be made available nationally to Federationists, students, professional organizations, human service agencies, and training institutions. Persons listed in the resource directory will be asked to provide information about their field with particular attention to blindness issues.

The objective of such a directory is to encourage communication among blind human service professionals; thus fortifying us in our battle against injustices which are systematically embedded in human services institutions. Also, we plan for this directory to be of assistance to students and others interested in human services occupations by providing pertinent information regarding employment and the use of alternative techniques within various job settings.

We encourage all Federationists who are employed on a part-time or a full time basis in any of the following human services fields to send the biographical information listed at the end of this announcement to Dr. Betsy Zaborowski, 1936 South Williams Street, Denver, Colorado 80210. Human Services Fields: Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Advocacy, Health Careers, Child Care, Specialized Teaching, and Administration of Human Services Programs.

The following information is being requested of those applying for the Human Services Directory: name, address, home phone, business phone, highest degree held, institution received from, specialized training (include nontraditional training, i.e. use of alternative techniques, strategies for dealing with discrimination). NFB affiliation--include here local chapter affiliation as well as any offices you presently hold.

Each applicant's biographical information will be received by the Human Services Board and then each applicant will be contacted by phone in order to gain further needed information. Please forward only this basic information or a current resume if that resume includes all the information requested above.

The Directory should be available at the 1986 convention with individuals listed by states and occupational areas. For further information, please contact Betsy Zaborowski, Adrienne Asch, David Stayer, Ronald Connelly, or Stewart Prost.