Braille Monitor                                                                                February 1986



Monitor Miniatures

**Taped Future Reflections:

Barbara Cheadle has asked that we carry the following announcement:

"We are once again making Future Reflections, the NFB magazine for parents of blind children, available on tape. We had discontinued the tape subscription for a time because of various difficulties. We are now ready to start over, but with some important differences in how the system will work. If you now wish to subscribe to Future Reflections on tape, you must send your request, name, address, and $6.00 cash or check made payable to the NFB to: National Federation of the Blind, Future Reflections Tape Subscription, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230. This will entitle you to a one-year tape subscription. The tapes you then receive are yours to keep. The subscription rate for the print issue is also $6.00 per year. The number of issues you will receive in a year will vary but will probably be between four and six. Those who subscribed under the old system and want to subscribe again must also send in $6.00 along with their name and current address. Questions or requests for more information about tape subscription or about Future Reflections in general should be address to: Barbara Cheadle, Editor, Future Reflections, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230; (301) 659-9314."

** Award:

Sandy Sanderson sends the following item from the October 15, 1985, Anchorage Daily News:
"Local individuals and businesses won awards last week in the annual Governor's Committee banquet honoring those who helped the handicapped. The Louise Rude Center for Blind and Deaf Adults won the Governor's Award for 1985. The center and its director, Jim Omvig, were cited for helping blind and deaf persons."


At its November 24 meeting, the Nassau County Chapter, National Federation of the Blind of New York State, conducted election of officers. Elected were: David Stayer, President; Brad Greenspan, Vice President; Sarah Berger, Secretary; and Loraine Stayer, Treasurer.

**New Arrival:

Master James Campbell Moynihan, on behalf of his parents, Jim and Jana Moynihan and his Grandparents Bill and Jama Sims, wishes to announce the birth of a baby sister, Jeanene Barbara Moynihan, on November 12, 19 85, at 8:2 9 a.m. Jeanene weighed in at 10 pounds, 1 ounce, and was 21 and a half inches long.

**Arkansas Convention:

Bean Hudson writes:
"The annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Arkansas was held November 1-3 at the Coachman's Inn, Little Rock. Diane McGeorge was also present. The following persons were elected to terms of office: President, Searcy Ewell; First Vice President, Kenneth Bruton; Second Vice President, Dennis Holzhauser; Secretary, Bean Hudson; Treasurer, Lesley McDaniel; and Board Members Marie Linderman, Benny Connor, Rector Turner, and Nancy Wright.


Catherine Gaffney writes:

"The NFB of Rhode Island had its annual convention on Sunday, November 3, 1985, in Providence. We had good speakers, such as a representative from the Social Security Administration, and the Director from the state agency for the blind. We had three other states represented at our convention. Jackie Billey (President of the NFB of Connecticut) talked on the Associates Program, and one of our members demonstrated his talking computer. Raymond Gauvin and Bernard Alan Selby, Jr. were elected to the Board of Directors for two years. Rami Rabby gave an interesting keynote address. We awarded three plaques to local legislators who have been very supportive in passing legislation for the blind, and we also awarded a scholarship to a freshman at a local college."

**Third Generation:

Terry and JoAnn Eagle of Michigan write:

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a third generation NFB baby to the Eagle family. On Friday, October 18, at 8:25 p.m. (on the eve of the NFB of Michigan convention) arrived Mark Anthony Eagle, weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounces. As you probably already know, JoAnn is active with local chapter fundraising, and Terry is local chapter treasurer and the state's Merchant's Division President. We are sure Mark will follow in our footsteps.


At the Annual Christmas Dinner of the Prairie State Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Illinois Allen and Ruth Anne Schaefer of Mazon received the 1985 Miller Service Award for outstanding and dedicated service. This first annual presentation made by Jack McLaughlin of Frankfort was one of the high points of the December 6 dinner held at the County Mansion in Dwight, Illinois. Since 197 9 Allen Schaefer has served as Chapter President; prior to that he was NFBI State President. Ruth Anne Schaefer serves as Chapter Treasurer and formerly was NFBI State Treasurer. She has directed the very successful financial program of the chapter. Assisting in the selection of award recipients were committee members Helen Vitko of Morris and Charlene McLaughlin of Frankfort.


Dear Dr. Jernigan:

It is with sorrow that I report the death on November 14 of my sister, Patty Vetter. Patty, her husband Hank, and son Hank have been long-time members of the NFB of Nebraska, Omaha Chapter. Patty was a true Federationist in mind and spirit and served the cause wherever she could. She had cancer and during her months of illness recruited Associates. Patty and her family were much cheered by the encouraging letter you sent, and I can remember her singing Glory, Glory Federation in her hospital bed about two weeks before she died. Patty will be greatly missed by her family and by those in the movement who knew and loved her. I am requesting that you print this letter in the Monitor Miniatures. I would also like to express my personal appreciation for your time and concern in writing to Patty.


Cheryl Livingston, President
NFB of Nebraska, Omaha Chapter

**Luggage Tags:

These are of clear plastic, solid, good looking, about three inches in length, oval shaped, and easy to recognize by touch and sight. The NFB logo is on the back and a card with name and address can be inserted under the plastic. They come with strong plastic loops to attach them to the luggage. These will be on sale at our national convention or may be had singly for $2.20 each or in lots of 250 at $1.50 each from Mary Main, Old Mill Lane, Stamford, Connecticut 06902.

**Employee of the Year:

Lola Pace, one of the leaders of the NFB of Texas, was recently honored as Employee of the Year at Sheppard Technical Training Center in Iowa Park, Texas. This is a federal facility which operates as part of the Department of Defense. The selection received wide coverage in the local press. The Wichita Falls Times for November 4, 1985, said:

"IOWA PARK--When Lola Pace of Iowa Park was named Sheppard Technical Training Center Outstanding Handicapped Employee of the Year, she said she didn't know what she had done to earn the honor. But Joyce Martin, chief of the Affirmative Employment Section and coordinator for the placement of the handicapped, knows why. She has performed better than any of her predecessors have, so she's been a real asset to the office,' she said. "As a receptionist, she and another receptionist handle more than 3,500 telephone calls and about 1,500 visitors a month. She is a member of the board of the Texas Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind and travels to board meetings in Dallas and other Texas cities." Congratulations to Lola Pace.


Tom Anderson of Ohio writes:

"The National Federation of the Blind of Mahoning Valley ended its 3 6th Anniversary year on a note of activity and seasonal cheer. The chapter held its final business meeting of 1985 on Sunday, November 24th. Off year elections were held. Elected to a three year term on the Chapter's Board of Directors were Louise Anderson and Jean Bachley. Dolly Andervich was elected to a one-year term. Louise Anderson was elected Chapter Delegate to the 1986 NFB of Ohio convention with Ferris Kocher as Alternate. Helen Tabak was elected Chapter Board Member with Rose Kocher as the alternate."


Marc Maurer, President of the National Federation of the Blind of Maryland and President of the National Association of Blind Lawyers, has been appointed by Dr. Torrey Brown, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, to serve as a member of the Advisory Committee to insure that the Department of Natural Resources complies with the requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. The purpose of this committee is to advise the Department of Natural Resources regarding steps that it should take so that it does not discriminate against the handicapped.

**Wedding Bells:

The following item is taken from the October-December, 1985, issue of the Minnesota Bulletin, the publication of the National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota:

On November 9 First Vice President of the Metro Chapter Tim Aune, and NFB of Minnesota office secretary Laura Gooselaw, were married. Laura and Tim met at our office, began taking walks along the lakes together last summer, and on the day of the Move-A-Thon decided to make a lifetime commitment. Now Tim and Laura, together with Alex the cat and Sadie the dog, have taken up residence in one household, and may they all live happily ever after.


Ray Roberson, Secretary of the Detroit Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan, recently served on an organizing commission of the United Auto Workers Union. The task of this committee was to encourage Michigan state employees to choose the United Auto Workers as their union. The organizing experience Ray has had with the Federation paid off for the UAW. The UAW now represents 26,000 Michigan state employees.

**New Position:

Tony Cobb, former Deputy Director of the Iowa Commission for the Blind, resigned from that position as of November 1, 1985, to become the Director of the House Republican Caucus Staff. Mr. Cobb attended the 1985 NFB convention in Louisville and is again an active Federationist. We congratulate him on his new position and wish him well.


In mid-December we received the following glad tidings from Joy Marmon: "This note is to announce my upcoming marriage to Garry Relton. We will be married on December 28, 1985, in Alexandria, Virginia. Garry and I will live in Arlington, where I currently live. Garry is a chemistry teacher in West Potomac High School. Please share our good news with other Federationists in one of the future Presidential Releases. It seems only fitting that our good news should be shared with our family in the Federation."


We have received the following letter from Sandy Kelly of Colorado:

"I am sorry to report that Ruth Ashby died July 20, 1985. Ruth had been an active member of the NFB of Colorado since our organizing in 1955. She served capably as our state president, organizing many of the chapters which currently exist. She was Denver Chapter President and was elected to the chapter board for ten consecutive two-year terms, resigning when her health began to deteriorate. Ruth attended her first national convention in 1955 and was a vocal part of our delegation every year, until failing health prevented her attendance after 1980. She was loved and respected by all who knew her."

** Award:

We recently received the following announcement concerning Federationist Dennis Wyant:

"Dr. Dennis R. Wyant, Director of the federal Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling Service, received the Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award from the Wright State University Alumni Association during WSU mid-year commencement ceremonies Saturday, December 7, 1985. Wyant, who earned a master's degree in business administration from Wright State, is the third recipient of the association award. He is a legally blind, disabled veteran from the Vietnam era."

**Turn the Burgers:

Mimi Winer of Massachusetts writes: "I disagree with Anthony Cobb in his review of Margaret Smith's Book: If Blindness Strikes, Don't Strike Out (See: 'She Doesn't Have to Turn the Burgers,' The Braille Monitor, December, 1985.) I found Ms. Smith's book to be realistic, sensible, and appropriate. Her many helpful hints have made my life easier, and I and other blind people I know have found the book to be a most valuable resource."


We recently received the following note from Pat Barrett:

"Our Western Chapter, National Federation of the Blind of Idaho, recently held elections December 3, 1985. You may use this information for "Monitor Miniatures." Jan Gawith, President; Brett Winchester, First Vice President; Karen Ortega, Second Vice President; Loren Schmitt, Secretary; Marie Winchester, Treasurer; Randy Pirnie and Debbie Robertson (completing last year of two-year vacated board positions to be up in December, 1986) ; and Pat and Kama Herman, board positions for two two-year terms."