Braille Monitor                                                                                March 1986


Have You Made Your Reservations for Kansas City

The time is drawing near for the 1986 national convention, and Kansas City promises to be the best yet. The headquarters hotel is the luxurious Hyatt Regency Kansas City at the Crown Center, one of the finest and most interesting hotels in the nation; but if you want to be in the headquarters hotel, reservations absolutely must be sent in immediately.

We have two other fine hotels to handle the crowds, the Phillips House and the Americana, and there will be shuttle bus service among all of the hotels twenty-four hours per day.

Requests for reservations should not be sent to the hotels but to the National Office of the Federation, and checks for room deposits ($30.00 for each room) should be made payable to National Federation of the Blind. For further details check the November, 1985, Braille Monitor; or contact National Federation of the Blind, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230; telephone 301-659-9314.

These are the details of hotels and reservations, but they do not really tell the story. Kansas City in '86 will be where the action is--fine restaurants, interesting program items, major league baseball, and all of the varied exciting shops and stores of the Crown Center. As to restaurants, the Golden Ox is probably one of the finest steak houses in the nation, and the Kona Kai is equally excellent for Polynesian fare. In the Hyatt is the Peppercorn Duck Club, where the fare is not only tasty but unique.

In Louisville in 1985 more than 2,000 delegates registered to attend the meetings. There were representatives from all over the country and from other nations. 1986 should be even better. If you have not made your reservations, get them in today, and don't miss out on Kansas City in '86. The dates are Friday, June 27, through Saturday, July 5. See you in Kansas City!