Braille Monitor                                                                              August-September 1986


Tapes and Equipment for Diabetics

(The following information is taken from the January-March, 1986, newsletter of the Diabetic Division of the National Federation of the Blind.)


Joslin Diabetes Tapes. Available from: Joslin Tapes, 820 Statler Office Building, Boston, MA 02116.

Diabetes '86, quarterly newsletter; Diabetes in the News on Tape, bimonthly newsletter. Both publications should be available from your regional library for the blind and physically handicapped.

Diabetes As a Way of Life, by T. S. Damoski, M.D., available from your library for the blind and physically handicapped.

Materials and Aids for the Visually Imparled Diabetic, listing literature in Braille and on tape. Write to: National Diabetes Information Clearing House, Box NDIC, Bethesda, MD 21205; phone: 301-468-2162.


B-D Magna Guide. Magnifies scale on syringe; snaps into vial to allow curved magnifying surface to guide needle into vial. Available from: Becton-Dickinson and Company, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662; Order H8290-008233.

Insulgage Syringe Guide. Sturdy plastic gauge that slips onto the plunger of a syringe to position the plunger at a specific insulin dosage. Available from: Meditec, Inc., 9485 E. Orchard Drive, Englewood, CO 80220; phone: 303-771-4863.

Click-Count Syringe. Measures insulin by making audible clicks as insulin is drawn up; ejects smoothly.

Self Blood Glucose Meter with Electronic Voice. Medicare and other private insurance carriers will usually cover the cost of this device.

For more information about the syringe and the glucose meter, contact: Orange Medical Instruments, 3183 Airway Avenue, Suite F, Costa Mesa, CA 92626; phone: 714-641-5836; outside California, 800527-1151.


The members of the Diabetic Division of the National Federation of the Blind, now numbering more than 100 nationwide, will furnish information and answer questions concerning aids and appliances used by diabetics for continued independence in dealing with the ramifications of diabetes. Contact: Karen S. Mayry, President, NFB Diabetic Division, 919 Main, Suite 15, Rapid City, SD 57701.