Braille Monitor                                                                           August-September 1986


Monitor Miniatures

**New Jersey Convention:

The annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey was held Saturday, May 31, 1986, in New Brunswick. The following people were elected to office: President, Florence Blume; First Vice President, Jim Sofka; Second Vice President, Al Calvenelli; Secretary, Ed Lewinson; and Treasurer, Ken Gould. Mary Beth Nugent and Albert Alexy were elected to two-year board terms, and John Dragona and Mel Loebel are holdover board members with a year still remaining on their terms. Immediately prior to the convention a new South Jersey Chapter, which is centered in Camden, was organized. The President of the new chapter is Ever Lee Haley of Maple Shade.

**New Baby:

New York City Federationists Charles and Jody Hamberger announce the birth of their son Charles William at 11:56 p.m., April 23, 1986. He was twenty-one inches long and weighed eight pounds, three ounces. Charles Hamberger was elected Treasurer of the National Federation of the Blind of New York at the 1985 New York convention last fall.


The Rapid City, South Dakota, Cosmopolitan Club recently bestowed on Karen Mayry (President of the National Federation of the Blind of South Dakota) the Cosmopolitan International Distinguished Public Service Award. Karen writes: "It is a beautiful plaque, which now hangs in our NFB of South Dakota office. I felt very honored."

**LOC-TOK 30:

Beth and Ray Graber, Federationists from Kansas, send the following: "Experience the quality. Relaxing entertainment with the rich sounds of stereo music and active involvement with talking books on cassette tapes. Creative Scientific Services proudly announces the beginning of a new era in sound design and function: The LOC-TOK 30. This stereo unit gracefully performs the multiple functions of a sophisticated component system plus the LOC-TOK 30 plays and records speech and music, full and half speed, in regular stereo and the 4-track format of the NLS/LOC talking books on tape. Features: auto reverse/auto stop; 5-element graphic equalizer; detachable 2-way speaker units (4-speaker system); 4-band tuner (AM, SW 1, SW 2, FM); jacks: MIC, 2 external speakers, 2 AUX IN, PHONES; power source: AC 120V/220V, 50/60 Hz, DC 12V (8 "D" batteries); power output: 2 watts per channel; general dimensions: 22 inches by 7 inches by 7 inches; approximate weight: 10 pounds. Experience the flexibility of your own stereo system that plays and records at full and half speed, with full quality sound in either mode. For more details, contact Graber Aids and Appliances, P.O. Box 13228 100 Beach, Edwardsville, Kansas 66113, 913-441-4427. Price per unit is $200 delivered. For cassette instructions add $1. Payment must accompany order."

**Perkins Wanted:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"I wish to advertise for a used Perkins Brailler to buy. Anyone wishing to sell a Perkins Brailler can write me: (Margaret Carter, Route 4 Box 35, Athens, Alabama 35611) advising me of their price and their address."


At the April, 1986, meeting of the Metro Chapter of the NFB of Minnesota the following were elected: Judy Sanders, President; Tim Aune, First Vice President; Mary Hartle, Second Vice President; Deborah Cornills, Secretary; and Donna Jorgenson, Treasurer.

**How Now, Brown Cow:

The following is taken from a letter from John Taylor dated May 2, 1986:

"Dear Friend:

"This year 's United Blind of Iowa state convention is approaching rapidly... Delegates will consider joint merger resolution dealing with UBI and the Iowa Council of the Blind joining together in one organization to strengthen and unify both groups... Affiliation with the American Council of the Blind also will be considered."

**Birds of a Feather:

The preceding miniature was written before the convention of the United Blind of Iowa. Word has now reached us that the UBI voted to affiliate with the American Council of the Blind. Contrary to the classical notions of entropy, time has a way of sorting things out in an orderly manner, like being attracted to like. In other words, birds of a feather flock together.


Martel Silba, a member of the Brockton Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Massachusetts, writes:

During the year of 1984 I served as the public relations officer for our chapter. I have enclosed two proclamations that our Mayor signed during 1984. This was the first time that any mayor of Brockton ever proclaimed a month as National Federation of the Blind Month. I am going to try to have this done again next year.

**P. S.:

Many things must be seen in perspective to be understood. In the spring of this year a number of state agencies for the blind informed clients and others of the scholarships being given by the National Federation of the Blind. The New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired was one such agency. It sent a letter to blind college students:

State of New Jersey
Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Newark, New Jersey
March 3, 1986

Dear College Student:

Enclosed pleased find notification of several scholarships available to Blind/Visually Impaired students through the National Federation of the Blind. The application procedures are self-explanatory. I hope you will avail yourself of this opportunity.


Mr. Thomas Duffy

P. S. The American Council for the Blind also is sponsoring scholarships for legally blind persons who have been admitted to Academic, Vocational, Technical, or professional training programs at the post-secondary level. Applications must be postmarked before April, 1986. Please call toll free 800-424 8666.

**Barred from Theaters:

The New Beacon, a publication of the Royal National Institute for the Blind in London, England, reports as follows in its October, 1985, issue:

"Government plans to curb the admission of disabled people to cinemas have been criticized by the Royal National Institute for the Blind. Draft government guidance to local authorities licensing cinemas proposes that blind people and most people in wheelchairs should not be let into cinemas unless they have a nondisabled companion. 'Such a move would set back progress by many years,' says Ian Bruce, Director General of the RNIB. 'Blind people fear it could be the start of treating them as people who ought to stay cut off at home and not venture out on their own.'"

**Mail Order Business:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

L. J. Granger, Route 1, Box 139, Ragley, Louisiana 70657, writes: "I have just started a small mail order business and would appreciate it if you could run the following in the Monitor Miniatures column. For sale: Porcelain over steel "-piece cookware set with flower design* and stainless steel rims with flameguard randies. Includes 1-1/2, quart saucepan with cover, 2-1/2 quart saucepan with cover, 4-1/2 quart dutch oven with cover, and 9-1/2 inch skillet. Dutch oven cover fits skillet. Price $59.95. Shipping is included in price. I am a member of the NFB of Louisiana."

**New Baby:

Mr. Gerstenberger, Director of Job Opportunities for the Blind (JOB), has his own particular way of writing Miniatures about new babies. Here is an example:

While some folks will remember 1986 as the year the state of Texas celebrated its sesquicentennial, Federationists Jim and Julie Shaffer of Austin undoubtedly will recall 1986 as the year their son Kevin Scott came into the world. Evidently Kevin Scott knew there was some sort of celebration planned for the year because he made his appearance early in 1986--at 9:15 a.m. on January 24. He weighed eight pounds, five and one-half ounces.

**Airlines and Indigestion:

Mrs. Thompson is a member of the staff at the National Center for the Blind. She writes:

If it only happened once, it might not matter.
If it happened twice, we might turn away--
But every time we board an airplane we're assigned a seat,
Then told we cannot stay.

They say, "You'll have to move.
It's safety, don't you know.
You're not the one we're specially worried about though."

"You're blind, so you don't matter."
So we 're told.
We say, "listen up, you airlines.
Your words are wrong and very old."
"We're not poison. We're not fragile. We're not stupid. We are as able as anyone to get around.
If the plane's in trouble, we're quite as helpful
As anyone else that you might have found.

"Some day you will find that you have made an error.
We'll still be here; on that you can bet.
In your red face and shame we'll greet you.
And rest assured we won't forget."

**Georgia Convention:

The National Federation of the Blind of Georgia held its annual convention May 17, 1986, in Atlanta. The following people were elected to office: Ehab Yamini, President; Max Parker, Vice President; Tyrone Palmer, Second Vice President; Everett Wood, Secretary; Norris Curtis, Treasurer; Clarence Green, 2-year board member; Angie Mincey, 2-year board member; Earnest Robins, 1-year board member; and Pattie Dale, 1-year board member.

**Image Building:

We have received the following letter from John Beaulieu, President of the NFB of Nashoba Valley, Massachusetts: "The Mayors of the two major cities of the Nashoba Valley have proclaimed May 15-22 as White Cane Week. At the time of this writing at least one radio station (WEIM) in Fitchburg has publicized the fact. As you can see, our word continues to reach out."

**A Guide to Dog Guide Schools:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

"The Baruch College Guide Dog Book Fund announces the publication of A Guide to Guide Dog Schools in both print and cassette form. Written by Edwin Eames, Toni Ann Gardiner, and Avrama Gingold, this book describes the ten operational guide dog schools in the United States. In addition to describing the schools, basic issues related to getting a guide dog are explored.

"You can obtain a copy of A Guide to Guide Dog Schools in print form for $5.00 or in cassette form for $3.50. Checks or money orders should be made payable to: Baruch College Guide Dog Book Fund. No other form of payment will be accepted. Orders should be sent to: Professor Edwin Eames, Box 511, Baruch College, 17 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10010."


Priscilla Ferris, President of the NFB of Massachusetts, was recently honored for her work with Girl Scouts. As reported in the May 14, 1986, Spectator.

"The Plymouth Bay Girl Scout Council held its 25 th Annual Meeting at the Westport High School in Westport on May 1. Three of the 4,400 adult volunteers in the Council were recognized as the 'Outstanding Girl Scout Adults' in Southeastern Massachusetts. The award is the highest honor given to adults. "The three adults recognized were Priscilla Ferris of Somerset, Elizabeth Sanford of Swansea, and Carole Duhamel of Brockton....In all, there are 76 Southeastern Massachusetts communities that are served by the Plymouth Bay Girl Scout Council."

In a letter to President Jernigan commenting on the award Priscilla said:

"For many years I have been a part of the Girl Scout movement in our country. I feel that the youth of today are our most important asset for the future. This is why I feel so strongly about our Parents Committees."


On May 7, 1986, the National Federation of the Blind of Greater Boston, Massachusetts, Inc., elected the following officers and board members: President, Tom Cotter; First Vice President, Millie Hilliard; Second Vice President, Karen Glazebrook; Recording Secretary, Tom Fletcher; Corresponding Secretary, Gerald DiFranza; Treasurer, Frances Glassman; Sergeant-At-Arms, Ethyl Barnard; Lay Members, Dolf Cenci and Philomena Pepe. These officers and board members were elected for one-year terms. The chapter also elected trustees Millie Hilliard, Ethyl Barnard, and Craig Zdankowski for two-year terms.

**Recovered and Employed:

Carol Clark (President of the National Association of Blind Secretaries and Transcribers, one of the leaders of our Missouri affiliate, and a board member of our Kansas City Chapter) reports that she is out of the hospital and recovered from surgery to remove a tumor from her tear duct. Late in April, shortly before her surgery, Carol obtained a job as a secretary at the Kansas School for the Blind. Carol's recovery was rapid; she was back at work in mid-May.

**Wheels, Wings, and Water:

In late May we received the following news release in the National Office:

Life-long Waite Park, Minnesota, resident Andy Virden will serve as Parade Grand Marshal of the 1986 Wheels, Wings, and Water Festival parade on Saturday, July 12, the third day of the four-day celebration lasting July 10-13.

Born in 1927, Virden has been blind since the age of 12. He attended St. Cloud Public School's Sight-Saving Department at the old Franklin Grade School and eventually graduated from Tech High School in 1946. Virden graduated from St. Cloud State University in 1950 with a Bachelor of Science degree in history and social science.

Virden was the first, and is currently, President of the Central Minnesota Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind. He has served on the State Board of the National Federation of the Blind, is former President of the Waite Park Boosters, and is currently serving on their Board. He is a member of Zardetti Knights of Columbus Council 5548, where he has served on a number of committees, and he was a member of the United Way Board of Directors for six years.

Virden was the 1977 Sertoma Man of the Year and was Grand Marshal of Waite Park's Spass Tag Days in 1981. The Wheels, Wings, and Water Festival is a summer celebration in the St. Cloud area sponsored by the St. Cloud Area Festival Association.

**God, Where Are You:

We have received the following letter in the National Office:

"Dear Mr. Jernigan:

"Many members of your organization have learned how to cope with some of life's most difficult situations. They have acquired a knowledge and expertise that perhaps they would like to share with others. Certainly, many people are interested in knowing some of their thoughts and techniques in not only surviving but in being able to continue to function as contributing and vital human beings. I am in the process of making that transfer of information possible.

"I am currently writing a self-help book on how to cope with tragedy. In particular, I am interested in how people are able to face injustice (human or other) and still retain a belief in a just God. The title of the book is God, Where Are You Now That I Need You.

"I was hoping that you could help me by placing a small item in your newsletter or other form of communication that would ask your members to get in touch with me if they wish to be interviewed. Anonymity is guaranteed. They may contact me at my synagogue address: Rabbi Joshua Berkowitz, 1244 North Main Street, West Hartford, Connecticut 06117.

"Because of the limited resources given to me by my publisher and the need to conserve time, I will be able to interview only those members who live in the Northeast."

**Vermont Convention:

The National Federation of the Blind of Vermont held its annual convention in Burlington May 2-3, 1986. The following people were elected to office: Pearl Duval, President; Gwen Evans, Vice President; Dot Wheel, Treasurer; Ellen Norton, Secretary; Barbara Delphia, Board Member; and Michael Richman Board Member.

**Hospital Dog Guide Policy: We are informed by Ross C. Todd of Beckley, West Virginia, that the following statement constitutes the policy toward dog guides which is in effect at the Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley:

"I) Seeing eye dogs accompanying a blind visitor will be permitted in the hospital lobby area but will not be permitted on the patient floor or in patient rooms.

"2) The visitor will be assisted by hospital personnel and taken via wheelchair to the patient's room where they are going to visit.

"3) If the visitor is unaccompanied and there is no one to remain with the seeing eye dog in the lobby, call Security and a security man will remain with the dog.

"4) In all instances such visitors should be treated courteously and politely. "If you should have any questions regarding the above or if you should be faced with the situation which may present some extenuating circumstances or potential embarrassment to the hospital, notify the nursing supervisor and administrator on call duty."

**New Baby:

Dave and Debbie Robinson announce the arrival at 11:02 p.m. June 3, 1986, of their son Daniel Wallace. He weighed nine pounds, seven ounces, and was twenty and one-half inches long. Dave is Director of Radio Talking Book Services, Inc., which serves southwest Iowa and most of Nebraska and is located in Omaha. Dave is also First Vice President of the National Federation of the Blind of Nebraska.

**Identifies Voice:

The following item appears in the May 20, 1986, Los Angeles Herald Examiner:

Blind Man Sees Justice Done He Identifies Voice of Woman Who Robbed Him; She's Jailed

In the first case of its kind in California legal history, a robber has been convicted on a blind man's recollection of her voice.

Oray Burdette, 37, was sentenced to eight years in state prison yesterday for stealing a radio from a blind man in Compton last October.

The blind victim, 58-year-old Willie Petty, identified Burdette in court from the sound of her voice as she said, ''I'll kill you. Give me some money" -- the words used in the robbery.

The conviction was unprecedented in California law, said Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Robert Ernenwein. "The jury gave tremendous credence to his testimony," Ernenwein said. Some jurors told him they felt blind people develop more acute hearing because of their handicap, Ernenwein said....

Ernenwein said his research turned up only two similar cases in the United States. In 1982 the Nebraska Supreme Court upheld a conviction based on the testimony of a blind female robbery victim. In North Carolina the following year, an Appeals Court upheld a conviction based on the testimony of a 68 year-old blind man who was threatened and robbed in his bed....


On Saturday, April 5, 1986, the NFB of Massachusetts held its third annual conference for Parents and Educators of Visually Impaired Children. There was a panel of junior and senior high school students. A state Parents Division was established, and the following people were elected: President, Michael McCermott; Vice President, Mary Lu Createau; Secretary, Cecile Paice; and Treasurer, Betty Sabin.

**Newsreel Club:

We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

Need homemaking help? Want to make your computer converse with another? Got a problem with your guide dog? Know where to buy a neat money-organizer wallet? Need some tape mailers? How about a bulk tape eraser? Join the Newsreel Club! This little magazine on tape offers discussions of and solutions to all types of situations visually impaired persons encounter. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of unique aids. Many are simple; some are complex; but all are helpful. Enroll now. Join today and pay only $7 for the remainder of 1986. Members receive the monthly Newsreel and are entitled to order from Doran Enterprises--an excellent source for many unique aids for the visually impaired. Send $7 (check or money order) membership fee to: Stanley Doran, Editor, Newsreel Club, 176 Brehl Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43223.

**Alabama Convention:

The National Federation of the Blind of Alabama held its annual convention April 11-13, 1986, in Gadsden. The following people were elected to office: Louise Greene, President;

**New Baby:

While our sources do not indicate if Sioux City Sue was given serious consideration, they do tell us that the newest Federationist in Sioux City, Iowa, is Callie Rachele Smith. Callie Rachele joined her older brother Kyle as a member of the Rocky and Debbie Smith family on April 21, 1986. Callie Rachele weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces, and measured 20 inches long. Rocky and Debbie Smith formerly lived in Idaho but settled in Iowa several months ago, where they operate the cafeteria in the Woodbury County Courthouse.

**Alabama Convention

The National Federation of the Blind of Alabama held its annual convention April 11-13, 1986, in Mobile. The following people were elected to office: Louise Greene (Montgomery), President; Charles Hutchison (Montgomery), First Vice President; Mike Norris (Birmingham), Second Vice President; Delores Reeve (Birmingham), Secretary; and Reverend Frank Lee (Huntsville), Treasurer. Solomon Greene of Huntsville and Willie Armstrong of Talladega were elected to two-year board terms, and Dale Hamm of Birmingham and Thelma Simmons of Mobile are hold-over board members with a year still remaining on their terms.


Kenneth Jernigan and Mary Ellen Anderson were married in Baltimore, Maryland, July 26, 1986.