Braille Monitor                                                                           December 1986


Convention Bulletin

The time has come to plan for the 1987 convention of the National Federation of the Blind. Kansas City in 1986 was one of the most successful meetings we have ever had, and 1987 promises to be even better.

We are going back to Phoenix. For those who attended the 1984 convention nothing more need be said. We have the same three excellent hotels, which have been upgraded and are now even better than they were then, and most of the meetings will be held (as they were in 1984) at the Civic Center. It is just across the street from the headquarters hotel, and it, too, has been upgraded and improved.

We will be meeting at the Hyatt, the San Carlos, and the Heritage--which is the new name for the hotel which was the Rarnada in 1984. The Heritage has been completely redone. Taken as a package, these three hotels and the Civic Center (all within a two-block area) offer one of the finest convention setups in the nation. Moreover, the rates continue to be the envy of all who know us. Who else gets single rooms for $25 and doubles for $28?

The NFB of Arizona is planning an exciting array of tours and hospitality, and the program agenda will be vintage Federation. Make your reservations early to have a better chance for a room in the headquarters hotel. Also, remember that we need door prizes from state affiliates, local chapters, and individuals. Please remember that prizes should be relatively small in bulk and large in value. Cash, of course, is quite acceptable. In any case we try to have no prize of less than $25 value. Drawings will occur constantly throughout the meetings, and the prizes will aggregate many thousands of dollars.

The displays of new technology, the meetings of special interest groups and divisions, the hospitality and renewal of friendships, the solid program items, and the general excitement of being where the action is and where the decisions are being made all join together to call the blind of the nation to Phoenix in the summer of 1987. Come and be part of it.

Because of the numbers we continue to attract to our conventions, we are again using the system for handling hotel reservations which we adopted last year. We have constructed a reservation form along the lines of the one we used for the 1985 convention. Additional copies are available upon request from the National Office. Here is what is printed on the form. See you in Phoenix, and get those reservations in:











Single (1 Person with 1 Bed--$25.00)
Double (2 Persons with 1 Bed--$28.00)
Twin (2 Persons with 2 Beds--$28.00)
Triple (3 Persons with 2 Beds--$30.00)
Quad (4 Persons with 2 Beds--$34.00 )--Not available at Hyatt



Check if Under 18:

Arrival Date:

Departure Date:

(See Reverse Side for Details)


1. All reservations must be made through the National Office. You may call 301-659-9314 or write: Convention Reservations, National Federation of the Blind, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230. Reservations may not be made directly with the hotel. If you try to make a reservation through the hotel directly and even if the hotel inadvertently accepts such a reservation and confirms it to you, it is not a valid reservation. Valid reservation confirmations will be made only by the National Office.

2. No reservation will be accepted without a thirty dollar per room deposit. One half of the deposit is nonrefundable. One half of the deposit is refundable if notice of cancellation is received in the National Office on or before Friday, June 12, 1987. Except in special circumstances and with prior approval from the National Office, deposits for rooms are nontransferable. In other words if you find that you cannot come to the convention at the last minute, you cannot give or sell your reservation and deposit to somebody else without prior approval from the National Office. It simply creates too much chaos and confusion.

3. Even though a deposit must be received before your reservation is accepted and finalized, you may (if you like) call on the phone to be sure that you are giving us all of the information we need and that everything is in order. If you adopt this procedure, you can follow up with the required deposit. It cannot be emphasized too strongly that no reservation will be accepted and finalized until all required information and the deposit are received in the National Office. As indicated, no reservation will be accepted without certain minimum required information. The required information is:

A) Name, address, telephone number

B) Arrival date

C) Departure date

D) Type of room requested: single, one person in a room; double, which means two people in one bed in a room; twin, which means two people in a room with each person having a separate bed; triple, three persons in a room with two beds; and quad, four persons in a room with two beds.

E) Names of roommates and arrival and departure dates for each.

4. A reservation will be assigned an acceptance number and be confirmed only when complete information and a deposit have been received. Assignment to the Hyatt and overflow hotels will be based on acceptance number.

5. Deposits will be credited to the person making the reservation unless a distribution among roommates is requested in writing when the deposit is sent.

6. Convention room rates are $25 single, $28 double and twin, $30 triple, and $34 quad--all plus tax (currently 7.4 percent). In order to get these special rates, you must register for the convention in Phoenix. There is no extra charge for children under 18 in the room with their parents, but names of children should be listed on the room reservation form anyway.

We have something over 600 rooms at the Hyatt Regency, Phoenix; and we have the several hundred remaining rooms we need at two other hotels, the San Carlos and the Heritage, which was formerly the Ramada. Our block of rooms at the Hyatt Regency, Phoenix, consists of approximately 300 rooms, each containing one king size bed; and approximately 300 rooms, each containing one twin and one double bed. Therefore, please note that there are no quad type rooms (four persons with two beds) in the Hyatt. However, one roll-away bed may be added to a room at an additional cost of $15.00 per day. We will assign rooms in the Hyatt on a first come first serve basis until all rooms in each category are filled. Then, we will assign rooms in the San Carlos and Heritage. This means that the first 300 requests for a room with one bed (either single or double) will be assigned to the Hyatt. The first 300 requests for a room with two beds (either twin or triple) will be assigned to the Hyatt. After that, rooms will be assigned in the other hotels. After we have filled the approximately 300 rooms which have king beds, we will not be able to place people requesting a single room in one of the rooms at the Hyatt with two beds. If you want to increase your chances of being placed at the Hyatt, you might (assuming that this is practical for you) indicate your preference for a twin or double but your willingness to accept whichever is available. If (as has already been indicated by some) you prefer to be placed in one of the other two hotels instead of the Hyatt, we will try to honor your request.

If you want a refrigerator in your room, call or write the hotel directly AFTER JUNE 1, 1987--AFTER, NOT BEFORE. Refrigerators rent for $25.00 per day.

Please make all checks for room deposits payable to: National Federation of the Blind, but address the envelope to Convention Reservations, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230.