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Vol. 40, No. 9                                                                                           October 1997

Barbara Pierce, Editor

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Vol. 40, No. 9                                                                                     October 1997

Let The Old Creep Die
by Barbara Pierce

FDA Meeting Report: Insulin vials will have tactile Markings
by Ed Bryant

Politics In Mississippi As Usual: Rehabilitation Again Featured

What Contests Can Do

Signs of Regress
by Scott LaBarre

A Perspective on Braille Unification
by Joseph E. Sullivan

Floral Designer In Training
by Ladonna Jean Whitt

Life Insurance

American Library Association Honors Senator John Chafee

More Than A Question Of Membership
by Barbara Pierce

In Memoriam: Wallace Schroeder and Fred Moore
by Kenneth Jernigan


Monitor Miniatures

The Braille Monitor, October, 1997 Complete Issue

Members of the new Technology Department of the National Center for the Blind.

Pictured standing outside on the front steps of the National Center for the Blind are the members of the new Technology Department of the National Federation of the Blind. They are (left to right) back row, John Chrisman, Richard Lord, Marie Marucci, and Richard Ring; front row, Julie Bieselin, Curtis Chong, and Michael Gosse. The new department began work as a unit in the middle of August. The group's offices are all on the second floor of the Johnson Street wing of the National Center for the Blind. Curtis Chong, a longtime leader of the organization, has moved to Baltimore to Head the department. Richard Ring will continue to direct the International Braille and Technology Center for the Blind, John Chrisman and Richard Lord conduct operations for NEWSLINE for the Blind´┐Ż. Michael Gosse, an experienced electrical engineer and First Vice President of the Science and Engineering Division, has joined the staff to help devise, design, and perhaps build new technology to benefit blind people. Julie Bieselin and Marie Marucci are experienced members of the NFB staff who have recently moved to the Technology Department.

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