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Doris Willoughby

Toward More Peaceful Meetings
by Doris M. Willoughby

From the Editor: Doris Willoughby is an experienced teacher and expert on the education of blind children. Here are her ideas about what chapters can do to make children welcome at meetings without causing disruption:

We want young families to join the Federation and take part fully. We also want children to grow up in the Federation family. But at local chapter meetings shall we (a) let young children run around noisily, (b) spend money on child care (individually or as a group), or � require some member to pay attention to the children instead of the agenda?

Here's an idea that costs little or nothing and helps a great deal. Assemble a collection of toys in a distinctive tote bag or box. Bring them to each meeting, or leave them at the meeting place if that is practical. Children can enjoy them with little or no supervision in or near the meeting room while the meeting is in progress.

If you invite donations of toys, it may not be necessary to spend any money. If things are bought, a few dollars can be sufficient. It is best not to include noisy toys, balls, crayons or markers, or anything requiring close supervision.

Here are a few examples of what to include: stuffed animals, books, puzzles, dolls and doll clothes, construction sets, toy animals, blocks, and pop-it beads.