Dialysis at National Convention
by Ed Bryant

From the Editor: Ed Bryant is President of the Diabetes Action Network, a division of the National Federation of the Blind. This is what he says about dialysis during the national convention:

Dialysis will be available during this year's annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind in Dallas, Texas, Saturday, July 4, through Friday, July 10. Those requiring dialysis must have a transient patient packet and physician's statement filled out prior to treatment. Conventioneers should have their unit contact the desired location in the Dallas area for instructions.

Individuals will be responsible for, and must pay out of pocket prior to each treatment, the approximately $30 not covered by Medicare, plus any additional physicians' fees and any charges for Erythropoietin (EPO) or Calcijex.

Dialysis centers should set up transient dialysis locations at least three months in advance. This helps assure a location for anyone wanting to dialyze. There are only a few centers close to the Hyatt Regency DFW on the grounds of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, so an early reservation is essential.

Here are some dialysis locations:

Irving Dialysis Center, 720 Plymouth Park, Irving, Texas 75061, telephone: (972) 258-0880. Note: This Center moved to this location February 1. This address is correct; the new phone listing was unavailable at press time. Calls will be transferred for several weeks; but you may need to call information. This is the closest facility to the airport—about ten minutes by taxi from the convention hotel.

Hurst-Euless Bedford (HEB) Dialysis, 1401 Brown Trail Road, Suite A, Bedford, Texas 76022, telephone: (817) 282-8870. Depending on traffic, fifteen to thirty minutes from the convention hotel.

Ameri-Tech Kidney Center, 1600 Central Drive, Bedford, Texas 76022, telephone: (817) 540-6084. Approximately the same distance as HEB.

South Arlington Dialysis Center (BMA), 3295 South Cooper, Suite 137 (Cooper and Mayfield), Arlington, Texas 76015, telephone:

(817) 465-8586. Furthest from the convention hotel, this center is perhaps thirty minutes away.

Please remember to schedule dialysis treatments early. If scheduling assistance is needed, contact Diabetes Action Network President Ed Bryant at (573) 875-8911. See you in Dallas.