David Pillischer

From the Editor: David Pillischer is the President of Sighted Electronics, a vendor marketing adaptive technology for the blind. He and Dr. Jernigan came to be close friends, and late last year he wrote Dr. Jernigan the following letter:

Northvale, New Jersey

November 30, 1997

Dear Dr. Jernigan:

When I opened your letter and read it, my eyes became tearful. I have read the letter you sent to me on November 25 a number of times now. I was under the impression that your cancer although serious was operable. This has given me quite a shock.

Before I met you and learned what the National Federation of the Blind stood for, many people had given me erroneous information about the organization. I did not know and even misunderstood the great works that the NFB achieved. That first evening, when I had dinner with you, Mohymen, and Mrs. Jernigan at your home, you showed me the lamps and furniture made by you as a young man. I listened as you told me why you made the furniture, of the desire you had to work as a field hand with the other boys, the rejection you felt when the farm owners would not allow it. I remembered when you told me you would do everything in your power to see to it that no other blind child would have to grow up as you had to. I knew then that you were on a noble crusade. I, being sighted, did not fully understand the prejudices you faced, but I feel your conviction in the way you speak of the battles that must be fought. I have also learned much from you, Dr. Jernigan. I have learned that people who are honest, with high moral standards, can succeed through faith in their abilities and hard work.

As long as someone will pick up your flag and march on with the same strong belief in equality for the blind as you, my support will be with them. However, my prayers are with you. I am proud to say that I know you. I will miss you.

David Pillischer Sighted Electronics, Inc.