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Dr. Jernigan and Dr. Tuck Tinsley

Tuck Tinsley, Ed.D.

From the Editor: Dr. Tinsley is President of the American Printing House for the Blind. He spoke briefly at the memorial service; this is what he said:

People in Kentucky and Tennessee are generally plain-spoken, straight-talking, simple people who love the earth. As you know, Dr. Jernigan was raised on a farm in that special part of our country. We have a saying: you should leave the wood pile a little higher than you found it. This simple yet profound statement captures the essence of Dr. Jernigan's life. What he found years ago was a meager and dwindling wood pile, people being treated as second-class citizens because they were blind. From early on he focused his energy and many talents on assuring that all blind individuals are treated with dignity and respect. Dr. Jernigan's life was dedicated to replenishing that wood pile, one log at a time. His shining example shows us what a person can accomplish with focus, determination, and the guts to face obstacles head on. There has never been a more vocal or more effective advocate for the blind than Dr. Kenneth Jernigan. The American Printing House for the Blind, the state of Kentucky, the vision field, and I personally will sorely miss him.