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Mrs. tenBroek and Dr. Jernigan


From the Editor: Last year Mrs. tenBroek came upon the following prayer in some travel diaries. It was written by her brother, Rabbi Norman Feldheym. She sent it to Dr. Jernigan "with all good wishes to the best of good friends." Since it expresses Dr. Jernigan's heart-felt prayer during the final year of his life, it seemed a fitting way to close this memorial issue.


February 8, 1934

O Lord, God, Master of the Universe, Thou by whose will and intelligence this universe was created, heed Thou my earnest prayer.

I know that the life of man on earth is a precarious thing, that it is his lot to bear pain as well as to enjoy happiness, that it is his fate to endure suffering as well as to be blessed with health. This is the price man pays for the privilege of living.

I who know Thy ways do not ask to be different from all other men and women; I know that I, who am mortal, must with my fellow man bear my share of pain in its turn, and endure my portion of suffering in its time. My only prayer, O God, is for patience, strength, and courage. I ask only for the patience to bear my lot with calmness, for the courage to face my pain with hope, and for the strength to endure my suffering with fortitude.

I ask only for patience, strength, and courage—the patience, strength, and courage by which all ills are finally overcome, by which all wounds are healed and soon forgotten. This is my earnest, my sincere prayer, O God, O God in whom all hope resides, in whom all faith endures. Amen.