Monitor Miniatures


Travel Magazine Available:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	The Travel Magazine is a quarterly publication available in 

Braille and standard two-track cassette which brings the world of 

travel available in print travel periodicals to those unable to 

access ordinary printed material. Subscriptions are $32.95 

annually. For a sample copy send $1 for cassette and $5 for 

Braille to The Travel Magazine, P.O. Box 24236, Cincinnati, Ohio 



For Sale:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	Completely reconditioned Perkins Braille Writer for sale. 

Cost is $300, payment plan is negotiable. Call evenings or 

weekends, (313) 885-7330 or e-mail: 

<[email protected]>.



	Interpoint full-page slate. Call evenings or weekends, (313) 

885-7330 or email: <[email protected]>.


Photo of Al Sanchez

                 Al Sanchez


Photo of Gerrie Burke

              Gerrie Burke

Wedding Bells:

	Gerrie Burke of the NFB of Virginia and Albert Sanchez of 

the NFB of Washington were married Saturday, June 26, 1999, at 

Saint George's Episcopal Church in Arlington, Virginia. Al, a 

longtime leader in the Washington affiliate, has relocated to 

Virginia. The couple honeymooned in Atlanta at our convention. We 

wish the newlyweds much joy.


Poetry Book Available:

	Toby Longface, President of the Tucson Chapter of the NFB of 

Arizona, has asked us to carry the following announcement:
	My poetry book, Smelling the Roses, is ready for sale. It is 

like a Twin Vision(R) book, eight-and-a-half-by-eleven-inch pages 

with large print and graphics on the left page and Braille on the 

right. It will sell for $11.95 plus $1.50 shipping. It is also 

available with large print and graphics only for $9.95 plus $1.50 

shipping. This edition measures five and a half inches by eight 

and a half. My greeting cards for all occasions are also 

available in large print and Braille. I'm using my own 

photography and poetry in them. They will sell six for $9.95 plus 

$1.50 shipping. For more information or to place an order, call 

Toby Longface Enterprises, 1914 West Anklam Road, Tucson, Arizona 

85745, phone (520) 623-7044, e-mail: <[email protected]>.


Fred's Head Database:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	The American Printing House for the Blind is building the 

Fred's Head Database, a collection of tips, tricks, and 

alternative techniques by and for people who are blind or 

visually impaired. Fred's Head is an expert database that 

captures and makes available the knowledge and experience of many 

different people from all walks of life. Fred's Head will be 

available on the APH Web site with a user-friendly search 

interface. You'll be able to use Fred's Head to find how-to 

information on a large number of subjects with topics growing 

	The experience of APH's Fred Gissoni is the core of the 

database, but we are building a community of ideas. We invite you 

to share your ideas for solving problems you meet every day. We 

welcome everything from a simple solution to a detailed 

discussion of a complex process. Some topics already included are 

how to make a writing guide, marking hotel keys, how to do audio 

tone indexing, how to make an audio tape address book, note 

taking, sewing tips, how to make a Braille calendar, personal 

uses of Braille, where to find information on scholarships, and 

job search tips.
	Please send your idea to APH on computer disk, cassette 

tape, in Braille, print, or via e-mail to Fay Leach, Expert 

Database Coordinator, <[email protected]>; (800) 223-1839, (502) 

899-2378, fax: (502) 899-2363, American Printing House for the 

Blind, 1839 Frankfort Avenue, P.O. Box 6085, Louisville, Kentucky 



Putting it All Together:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	EVAS is a reliable source for the design, manufacture, 

integration, prompt delivery, support, and service of accessible 

turn-key computer solutions. We offer a wide range of 

technologies, including speech synthesizers, screen readers, 

refreshable Braille displays, Braille printers, large-print 

software, CCTVs, optical character recognition (OCR) reading 

systems, and more. Our AbilityPro Systems feature productivity-

enhancing software such as a talking calculator, a text and 

keystroke macro utility, a clipboard extender, and a powerful 

address and personal information manager. Each AbilityPro 

Computer comes with a FirstAid Disk to enable the recovery of 

lost CMOS settings and corrupted master boot records on the hard 

drive. This disk includes digitized voice output and a large-

print menu system, making it usable even when adaptive aids or 

the computer's hard drive are not functioning. Our AbilityPro 

Disaster Recovery Disks allow system engineers to restore the 

original setup and configuration of an AbilityPro Computer during 

a tech support call. Remote Access System Support is now a part 

of all EVAS Computers. Connecting through the modem, this 

specialized software turns EVAS' in-house support computer into a 

duplicate of the end-user's system, allowing the EVAS engineer to 

see first-hand the difficulty the user is experiencing. 

Diagnostics can be run and hardware and software reconfigurations 

performed to restore the system and minimize downtime. With their 

in-depth knowledge of computer systems, access technology, and 

application software and their relationships, EVAS's experienced 

staff stands ready to respond to questions and support customers' 

	To learn more, visit EVAS on the Web at <www.evas.com> or 

call (800) 872-3827.



	The NFB of South Dakota recently held elections with the 

following results: Karen Mayry, President; Minni Erickson, Vice 

President; Irene Sears, Secretary; Peggy Klimisch, Treasurer; and 

Tina Blatter, Denise Jones, and Mike Klimisch, Board Members.


Arizona Perkins Brailler Repair Service Back in Full Swing:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:

	We are happy to report that, after incurring considerable 

staffing shortages in the past year, the Arizona Brailler Repair 

Service (ABRS), which is a cooperative enterprise between the 

Arizona Instructional Resource Center of the Foundation for Blind 

Children and an Arizona state prison, is up and running again. 

The cost for labor is $30 with a six-month warranty on labor. 

Parts are extra. Usual turn-around time is under four weeks, 

somewhat longer if unusual parts need to be ordered from Howe 

Press. Special care should be given to safe packing, preferably 

the original box and packing material. Any insurance is to be 

paid by the machine owner. For more information or to send your 

Brailler for repair or maintenance service, please contact the 

AIRC, the Foundation for Blind Children, 1235 E. Harmont Drive, 

Phoenix, Arizona 85020, (602) 678-5810, or visit the Web site 



Garment Labels Available:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	We provide washable Braille and large-print garment labels 

available in packages of twenty-five or fifty. These labels 

withstand washing and drying, so you can attach the label to your 

garment by either sewing or safety-pinning the label to the 

fabric. With your first order you will receive an index of colors 

so you can learn our color abbreviations and color saturation 

guide, which distinguishes between light and dark colors. 

Currently we have blue, black, purple, white, yellow, red, green, 

gray, tan, pink, and orange available. The cost for twenty-five 

labels is $12.95, and for fifty labels the cost is $24.95. For 

more information contact Denise at (610) 642-4442.


New Catalog Available:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	Give the gift that says something--Speak to Me's new catalog 

features a large variety of holiday gift ideas. Some of the 

newest products include Zenith VCR with confirmation; voice-

recognition phone with answering machine; a large variety of 

digital recorders; lots of new talking magnets, key chains, 

novelty clocks; graduation and wedding gift ideas; many new 

talking toys and games for children; plus many more practical and 

fun items for the whole family. Call (800) 248-9965 to request 

your free catalog, which is available in print, on cassette, or 

on IBM-compatible disk.


Photo of Jo Ruffalo

                Joe Ruffalo


	We recently learned that on March 17, 1999, the State of New 

Jersey Department of Human Services appointed Joseph Ruffalo, 

Jr., President of the NFB of New Jersey, to the Board of Trustees 

of the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired 

for the term expiring June 30, 2000. Congratulations to Joe.


Attention Amateur Radio Enthusiasts:

	We recently received a letter from Muhammad Ameen, who lives 

in Kerala Province in India. He has a bachelor's degree in 

English and teaches in a private institution. In 1994 he achieved 

his long-held dream of qualifying as an amateur radio operator. 

His call sign is vu3 vuc. But because he does not have a 

transceiver (which he says is an important piece of equipment, 

particularly for blind radio operators) he fears that he will 

never be able to use his hobby. Purchasing a transceiver is 

beyond his financial means. He hopes that someone reading this 

notice might be able and willing to help him. If so, his address 

is Muhammad S. Ameen, Darul Huda, Peringala Post Office, 

Kumarapuram via, Aluva, Kerala, India 683565.


Refreshable Braille at 25 Percent Savings:

	Blazie Engineering announces a 25 percent price cut on 

PowerBraille 40, its popular forty-cell refreshable Braille 

display. PowerBraille 40 now costs $4,495. This special price 

still includes all of Blazie's standard warranties, guarantees, 

and product support after the sale.
	PowerBraille 40, an enduring and proven performer, instantly 

transforms screen information into 6- or 8-dot refreshable 

Braille. ScreenPower software is included, allowing users to 

receive Braille, speech, or both types of output simultaneously.
	Users get forty cells of refreshable Braille, full 

compatibility with four computer operating systems including 

Microsoft Windows, and battery-powered portability. PowerBraille 

40, complete with thirty-month warranty, is fully featured for 

maximum user convenience and control.
	For more information contact Blazie Engineering, 105 East 

Jarrettsville Road, Forest Hill, Maryland 21050. Phone (410) 893-

9333, or visit the Web site <www.blazie.com>.


In Memoriam:

	We recently learned that James McGinnis, who served as 

President of the California affiliate in the late sixties and 

early seventies, died at home in San Francisco, February 24, 

1999. He was a native of Topeka, Kansas, and lived in California 

for thirty-five years. He is survived by his wife Leslie; his 

children Marilyn, Stephen, Bonnie, Gay, and Randy; and numerous 

grandchildren. Jim was a professional jazz musician (guitar), a 

piano technician, and director of Broadcast Services for the 

Blind. His love for life, people, music, and baseball was 

infectious. As an advocate for the rights of the blind, he fought 

a good fight. A truly remarkable and memorable man, he will be 

deeply missed.


Specialty Items:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	My name is Scott Bush, and I live in the Chicago area. I am 

legally blind and have my own company called LTT Sales, which 

specializes in advertising and specialty items such as hats, T-

shirts, coffee mugs, pens, or anything to put a company's name or 

event on. I am dedicated to giving the highest quality and lowest 

cost to meet any customer's needs. I can be reached at (815) 254-

6680 or by fax (815) 254-6681. Please call with your text inquiry 

or for a catalog.


No Longer Doing Business:

	Marie Caputo has asked us to carry the following 

	Due to the significant decrease in computer prices, 

Transcription Technologies, Inc., is no longer in business. Thank 

you for your patronage.



	The Denver Chapter of the NFB of Colorado held elections at 

its May meeting. Elected were Scott LaBarre, President; Julie 

Deden, First Vice President; Doug Trimble, Second Vice President; 

Tom Anderson, Secretary; and John Deden, Treasurer. Jennifer 

Wenzel, Eric Woods, and Jeremiah Beasley were elected to the 



Photo of Melody Lendsey

              Melody Lindsey


	Family Independence Agency (FIA) director Douglas Howard 

announced the appointment of Melody Lindsey as the director of 

the Michigan Commission for the Blind Training Center in 

Kalamazoo, effective May 16, 1999. The MCB Training Center is a 

residential training facility, which has been in Kalamazoo for 

nearly thirty years. Melody is a 1986 NFB Scholarship winner and 

Past President of the NFB of Alaska. She has worked in 

rehabilitation in several states, most recently in New Mexico.
	"We know the leadership, experience, and talent which Ms. 

Lindsey brings to the center will benefit Michigan citizens for 

many years," said Howard. "Her fervent belief in the capacity of 

people to fulfill their dreams and achieve independence is 



For Sale:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	Accent SA speech synthesizer, $200. Jumbo Brailler, 

excellent condition, $400. Office 97, $140 includes shipping. 

TeleBraille, slow coming on, but operational, asking $1,500. All 

prices are negotiable. Contact Isaac Obie at 755 Tremont Street, 

Apt. 205, Boston, Massachusetts 02118; (617) 247-0026; e-mail: 

<[email protected]>.



	The Bix Beiderbecke Chapter of the National Federation of 

the Blind of Iowa held elections on April 5 with the following 

results: John TeBockhorst, President; Mary Hartle-Smith, Vice 

President; Tom TeBockhorst, Secretary; Mike Smith, Treasurer; and 

Kallie Smith, Board Member.


World Conference:

	A world conference showcasing excellence in assistive 

technology is scheduled October 6 to 9, 1999, at the Radisson 

Twin Towers Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The Assistive Technology 

Industry Association (ATIA), the Alliance for Technology Access 

(ATA), and the United States Society for Augmentative and 

Alternative Communication (USSAAC) collaborate to bring you 

comprehensive opportunities to learn, to meet personally a wide 

range of peers and experts, and to contribute your experiences to 

the continued improvement of our field.
	With the ATIA World Conference '99 as the centerpiece of 

this experience, ATA and USSAAC add their national meetings to 

form an unrivaled event with a week of in-depth training 

sessions, presentations by leading professionals, an extensive 

Exhibit Hall, a Hands-on Lab, and much more. Conference fee for 

early registrants is $235, regular, $285, and on-site, $325. For 

a list of companies exhibiting at the conference, contact ATA at 

(415) 455-4575 or visit the ATA Web site at <www.ATAccess.org>. 

e-mail: <[email protected]> or phone (847) 869-1282.


World Series Baseball Game:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	You can play baseball on your computer using all the great 

teams of the past on Version 13 of the World Series Baseball Game 

and Information System. You can also review the history of 

baseball, find out who is in the Hall of Fame, check out all the 

baseball records, and try out your knowledge of the game on a 

1,000-question quiz.
	In the game, you are the manager, changing pitchers, pinch 

hitting, sacrificing, purposely passing batters, moving the 

infield in, etc.
	The game comes with 262 teams. The game is being played by 

sight-impaired baseball fans of all ages in forty-eight states on 

IBM-compatible computers with screen readers and synthesizers. 

The price is still the same as when the game was first introduced 

in 1986--only $15 to new users, $5 for updates. Send your check 

to Harry Hollingsworth, 692 S. Sheraton Drive, Akron, Ohio 44319 

or call (330) 644-2421 or e-mail <[email protected]>.


Affordable Talking Scientific Calculator:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	Orbit Research has introduced ORION TI-34, the world's first 

affordable talking scientific calculator for blind and visually 

impaired students and professionals. Priced at $199, the 11-

ounce, pocket-sized calculator is a breakthrough in math and 

science education for special-needs students. At close to a third 

of the cost of other talking scientific calculators, ORION 

provides unrivalled features and ease of use.
	The calculator vocalizes each key pressed and reads out 

displayed answers in a clear, natural voice, while maintaining 

the functionality and ease of use of the TI-34. The calculator 

has over ninety-five scientific functions including statistics, 

trigonometry, and Boolean logic. Visually impaired users will 

find ORION's unique learning mode particularly useful because it 

enables them effortlessly to locate and identify any key even in 

the middle of a calculation without interrupting it.
	The unit comes with built-in, rechargeable batteries that 

provide over seven hours of continuous operation, as well as a 

mains adapter which doubles as a battery charger. Included with 

the unit are an impact-resistant plastic cover, a high-quality 

earphone for private use, and instruction manuals in large print 

and on cassette tape. Orbit Research provides a one-year warranty 

and toll-free technical support and customer service.
	Further information on ORION is available at 

<www.orbitresearch.com> or by contacting Orbit Research at 3422 

Old Capitol Trail, Suite 585, Wilmington, Delaware 19808, (888) 

606-7248 or fax (888) 606-7248.


For Sale:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	I have for sale a DecTalk Express with headphones, AC 

adapter, and connector cable. I will take the best offer. For 

more information contact Kerry Stein at (205) 425-0800, weekdays 

and (205) 967-4901, evenings and weekends.


High Holiday Machzor Available Free to Blind:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	The Jewish Heritage for the Blind announces the availability 

of the High Holiday Machzor Hebrew/English large print or Braille 

edition for the visually impaired. To receive your free copy 

while supplies last, mail or fax your request accompanied by a 

note from your medical doctor or eye care specialist confirming 

that you have a vision problem. Send to the Jewish Heritage for 

the Blind, 1655 East 24th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11229, fax: 

(718) 338-0653.


Extra-Large-Print Books with Enhanced Pictures:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	The artists at Harvard Ranch Publishing introduce a new book 

series that combines digitally enhanced imagery with very large 

print. The books are designed for older adults and those with 

visual impairments but appeal to nearly everyone. Harvard Ranch 

worked closely with professionals and the visually impaired 

themselves to create books that convey beauty and warmth. The 

books also spark memories and imagination, which in turn promote 

conversation. The books are easy to read but intellectually 

engaging and visually intriguing. The first three books focus on 

timeless poetry, Biblical passages, and familiar hymns. They are 

illustrated with colorful drawings and photographs and are 

spiral-bound so they lie flat when open.
	The series includes A Walk in the Garden, Verses from the 

Bible, and Favorite Hymns and cost $24.95 each. Add $2.50 for 

shipping and handling. You may call 1-800-815-9533 or contact 

Harvard Ranch Publishing, Box 842, Kalispell, Montana 59903, fax 

(406) 752-9678, e-mail <[email protected]>, or visit the Web 

site at <www.harvardranch.com>. Methods of payment include major 

credit cards.


Sports and Recreational Videos Available:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	The Michigan Blind Athletic Association, MBAA, has three 

videos available to assist and enhance physical education 

programs. They include the following:
	ACCESS Sports video, eighteen minutes, discusses the ACCESS 

sports model, which suggests ways to assess and adapt most sports 

to include visually impaired students in a physical education 

program. Costs $35.
	MBAA Sports Camp video, eighteen minutes, discusses the 

annual MBAA Sports Camp for visually impaired youth. Founded more 

than ten years ago, this camp assists visually impaired students 

and their instructors in adapting physical education and sports 

programs to include visually impaired youth. Costs $35.
	Introduction to Goal Ball, eight minutes, discusses the game 

of goal ball, including rules and regulations. This is a very 

fast-paced video. Costs $30.
	To order, send a check or money order or purchase order to 

Michigan Blind Athletic Association, c/o Sherry Gordon, 

Secretary, 4423 Sunnydale Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49006, 

(616) 337-3276.


Spanish Edition of Diabetes Publication Available:

	We have been asked to carry the following announcement:
	Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Blindness and 

Low Vision, RRTC, announces the availability of a Spanish version 

of its 1997 publication, Serving Individuals with Diabetes Who 

Are Blind or Visually Impaired. This publication was produced in 

collaboration with the National Federation of the Blind and is 

available in large print and on audio cassette for $30. 

Interested individuals should contact Ms. Kelly Schaefer at (662) 

325-1363 for more information.




	I pledge to participate actively in the efforts of the 

National Federation of the Blind to achieve equality, 

opportunity, and security for the blind; to support the policies 

and programs of the Federation; and to abide by its Constitution.