Kenneth Jernigan: The Master, The Mission, The Movement

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Compiled writings of Dr. Kenneth Jernigan
with editorial introduction and notes on the text

A publication of the
National Federation of the Blind
1800 Johnson Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Copyright �1999 by the National Federation of the Blind
ISBN 1-885218-16-8
All Rights Reserved. Printed in the United States of America


Listen to the Opening Title and the Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface                (Listen Now)

Introduction: The Man Within the Movement                (Listen Now)

Part I: Beyond the Barricades: Marching into the Millennium                (Listen Now)

"The Federation at Fifty"

"Shifting Balances in the Blindness Field"

"Reflections and Comments on the World Blind Union"

Part II: The Building Blocks of Freedom: Mobility, Equality, and Independence              (Listen Now)

"Blindness: Handicap or Characteristic"

"A Definition of Blindness"

"The Nature of Independence"

Part III: Plain Talk and Home Truths
Sowing the Seeds-Creating the Kernel Books                (Listen Now)

Editor’s Introduction to What Color Is the Sun

"Growing Up Blind in Tennessee"

"Competing on Terms of Equality"

Editor’s Introduction to As the Twig Is Bent

"To Park or Not to Park"

"Making Hay"

Editor’s Introduction to The Journey

"The Value of Planning"

Editor’s Introduction to Standing on One Foot

"Standing on One Foot"

"The Hook on the Doctor’s Door"

Editor’s Introduction to Toothpaste and Railroad Tracks

"Of Toothpaste and Shaving Cream"

"Tapping the Charcoal"

"Beginnings and Blueprints"

"The Revolution of the Kernel Books"

"The Day After Civil Rights"

Editor’s Introduction to Like Cats and Dogs

"The Sounds and Smells of Sixty Years"

Editor’s Introduction to Wall-to-Wall Thanksgiving

"Don’t Throw the Nickel"

"The Continuing Saga of the Kernel Books"

Editor’s Introduction to Gray Pancakes and Gold Horses

"The Barrier of the Visible Difference"

Editor’s Introduction to To Touch the Untouchable Dream

"Even I"

Part IV: We Know Who We Are: From Confrontation to Emerging Harmony                (Listen Now)

The Pitfalls of Political Correctness: Euphemisms Excoriated

The Future of Specialized Services for the Blind

On the Nature of Mental Discipline and Sonnets

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