Future Reflections March/ April 1983, Vol. 2 No. 2

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By Virginia Allen Jensen and Polly Edman

This little twin vision book will be fun for you and your young child. Twin vision means that the book is written in Braille as well as in print. Therefore, either a blind or sighted parent can read it to their child. If the child is blind, she will be exposed to Braille and learn that it is a perfectly ordinary and respectable way to read. This particular book is written in grade one Braille, which means no signs or contractions are used.

A raised dotted line, the "red thread" winds its way throughout the 24 pages. Your child will probably enjoy followng the thread with her finger. The answer to each of six riddles is not only written in words but is also a raised picture easily identified by touch. The answers are everyday objects that a young child should recognize. They include an umbrella, a needle, an egg, a pair of scissors, a comb, and an onion.

And, there's more good news about Red Thread Riddles! It is produced by UNESCO and is available to you free of charge. For a free copy, write to:
UNESCO Secretariat
Place de Fontenoy
75700 Paris, France

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