Future Reflections Jan/ Feb/March 1985, Vol. 4 No. 1

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by Valerie Moreno

Reprinted from the November, 1984 Braille Monitor

(Note: Valerie Moreno is a comparatively new member of the National Federation of the Blind. The movement has already had a strong effect upon her life, and it seems likely that she will have a strong effect upon the movement. She writes:

"I am delighted to find out about the NFB of Arizona! I have only known about it for a few months, but I am excited by the enthusiasm and opportunity it offers. I am a housewife and mother, and my husband works as a vending stand operator here in Tucson. Enclosed is a short poem expressing some of the things I am coming to grips with in my life since becoming acquainted with the NFB. I look forward to doing my part in the NFB chapter here in Tucson.")

I am blind.
I am a symbol of darkness, despair, discouragement
The best I can do is depend on professionals,
people who know how to work and think for the

I must never hope for too much -- that would be
a fantasy.
But perhaps with a lot of training I could
perform simple tasks and even do a low-grade
I have opportunity -- of sorts.
I should be content with that. . .

I am a human being!
Someone who thinks and feels like everyone
I may be blind, but I am not destitute in spite of
what people have said.

I have nothing to hold me back but my own
But now I know I don't have to live a hollow
I can do anything I put my mind to.
Those who discourage me haven't learned all
they could!
So it's up to me . . .

I can show them how bright and enthusiastic I
can be!
I can get the job I want because I am perfectly
I can have a family, raise my children, take on
anything I choose.
I am not helpless!
I am not insignificant!
And my blind brothers and sisters know it, too!
I can stand with them and we can work together.
And then, people won't look on us as products of
darkness and despair.
They will understand that we are products of strength and enthusiasm.

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