Future Reflections 
                             Volume 17, Number 2

                               Summer/Fall 1998
                    The National Federation of the Blind

                   Magazine for Parents of Blind Children

     In lieu of a regular magazine issue, Future Reflections,

Summer/Fall, 1998, Volume 17, Number 2, is a special mailing of two

excellent large-print books:  The Freedom Bell and If Blindness

Comes.  I believe you will enjoy them and find them useful and

                                          Barbara Cheadle, Editor

  	  The Freedom Bell, A Kernel Book

          Kenneth Jernigan, Editor

          Published by the National Federation of the Blind

          Copyright 1992

          If Blindness Comes

          Kenneth Jernigan, Editor

          Published by the National Federation of the Blind

        National Federation of the Blind Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest

        1999 16th Annual Contest for Blind Youth


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Edited December 8, 1998