Future Reflections                                                                           Spring/Summer 2003

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2002-2003 Braille Readers are Leaders Contest Winners

School for the Blind
Outstanding Participation Award

Florida School for the
Deaf and the Blind

Honorable Mention

Louisiana School for the
Visually Impaired

Excellence in Promoting Braille Literacy

Cathy Hicks
Librarian, Kentucky School for the Blind


First:��� Brad Head, Missouri, 9th grade, 1,375 pages
Second: Bradley Howle, South Carolina, 6th grade, 1,119 pages
Third:� Juna Gjata, Massachusetts, 2nd grade, 1,088 pages
Fourth: Jeffry Pe�a, Florida, 3rd grade, 792 pages
Fifth:��� Jerry Espino, Maryland, 4th grade, 766 pages

          Kindergarten - First Grade

First:�� Alexandra Berthiaume, Massachusetts, 1st grade, 1,854 pages
Second: Meredith M. Pell, California, 1st grade, 1,698 pages
Third:� Vejas Vasiliauskas, California, Kindergarten, 1,458 pages
Fourth: Kelcey Schlichting, Missouri, 1st grade, 1,094 pages
Fifth:�� Lindsay Hale, Massachusetts, 1st grade, 919 pages

          Second - Fourth Grades

First:�� Tyler Kavanaugh, Kansas, 4th grade, 14,685 pages
Second: Lindsay Upschulte, Illinois, 4th grade, 13,120 pages
Third:�� Morgan Budreau, Minnesota, 2nd grade,� 5,858 pages
Fourth: Paige Tuttle, Kansas, 2nd grade 5,314 pages
Fifth:�� Emily Pennington, Ohio, 3rd grade, 4,520 pages

          Fifth - Eighth Grades

First:��� Aaron Mushlock, Michigan, 7th grade, 16,068 pages
Second: Desiree Oudinot, Pennsylvania, 7th grade, 11,854 pages
Third:� Jamealya Lopes, Massachusetts, 8th grade, 7,288 pages
Fourth: Shane Streitmatter, Illinois, 6th grade, 6,630 pages
Fifth:� Katie Kress,� Minnesota, 5th grade, 6,283 pages

          Ninth - Twelfth Grades

First:�� Jessica Snyder, Ohio, 11th grade, 17,414 pages
Second:� Michael Kontur, New Mexico, 11th grade, 11,642 pages
Third:� Barbara Stahl, Ohio, 11th grade,�8,762 pages
Fourth: Meghan Whalen, Wisconsin, 9th grade, 6,463 pages
Fifth:�� Jessica Watson, Maryland, 9th grade, 6,213 pages

          Most Improved

Chelsea Walker, Missouri. Age 17
Paul Scruggs, Maryland. Age 14
Caitlin Hair, Oklahoma. Age 17
Jonathon Cord, Kentucky. Age 10�������
Jessica Thompson, South Carolina. Age 9
Leah Grinder, Maryland. Age 14
David Hatten, Louisiana. Age 16
Nick Rice, Arizona. Age 15
Matthew Wickett, Pennsylvania. Age 8
Lauren Webster, Louisiana. Age 14

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