Future Reflections                                                                         Spring/Summer 2003

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Braille Is Beautiful�A Disability Awareness Program for Sighted Children

Braille Is Beautiful Curriculum Program: $250
This program has all the materials needed to instruct a typical classroom of children. It includes the 100-page Teacher's Guide, the Video Set, multiple copies of student instruction books and workbooks, a ream of Braille paper, slates and styluses, multiple copies of paper-back books with stories from and about blind people, a large set of Braille alphabet cards, a teacher's guide on teaching writing with a slate and stylus, and more.

Braille Is Beautiful Video Set: $35
Two videos, Jake and the Secret Code (for children) and That the Blind May Read (for adult audiences); a 30-page discussion guide with instructions for slate-writing and a resource list of children's books and Web sites; a slate and stylus; and a Braille alphabet card.

Braille Is Beautiful Teacher's Guide Economy Kit: $25
The Teacher's Guide, 100 Braille alphabet cards, three paperback books with stories by and about ordinary blind people, and one slate and stylus for writing Braille.

Braille Is Beautiful Combo Set: $50
The Video Set and the Teacher's Guide Economy Kit.

To order or to request more information, please contact:

Braille Is Beautiful

National Federation of the Blind
1800 Johnson Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
(410) 659-9314� •� [email protected]� •� www.nfb.org

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