Future Reflections Winter/Spring 1991

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by Lorraine Rovig, Director-JOB

Editor's Note: The seminar for parents of blind children will also be held on Sunday, June 30. However, we have designed the program so parents who want to participate in both may do so. The parent seminar will have a general session with speakers and panels in the morning. In the afternoon participants will be able to choose three one-hour workshops from among six to eight topics, or they may choose to attend the JOB workshop. Both seminars—the parents seminar and the JOB seminar—are FREE of charge.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE BLIND (JOB) will hold its 1991 National Seminar on Sunday, June 30, from 1 to 4 p.m. in New Orleans. Registration will be at the door beginning at 12:00 noon. The seminar is free.

JOB is a joint program of the National Federation of the Blind and the U.S. Department of Labor. (Your tax money at work.) Anyone who is legally blind and looking for work in the United States is invited to register to receive our free, nationwide job hunter's magazine on cassette as well as our other services. Some services are available to agencies and individuals assisting blind job seekers. Some services are available to employers interested in hiring competent blind workers. Call 1-800-638-7518 to register or for more information on JOB.

The national JOB seminar is set up with the blind job seeker in mind. If you have some of the following concerns, it is for you.

Do you ask yourself, "What job can a blind person do?" Do you want to ask questions about the techniques that allow one to be competItive and successful in real jobs? Do you want to meet someone who successfully uses only blind techniques, or do you need advice on combining low vision techniques with blind techniques?

Do you need to know how to plan now for the future when you may have less sight and your low vision techniques won't work for you?

Do you need tips on dealing with interviewers or employers?

Do you want to meet legally blind people who are scientists, secretaries, mechanics, telephone operators, counselors, salesmen, psychologists, English teachers, or in many other occupations?

Do you know anyone who is blind and has a good job? Do you wonder how you can find a job for yourself? Do you have questions about voice output and Braille output computers or the Arkenstone reader vs. the Kurzweil? Do you need ideas for funding the purchase of these or other useful aids? The Job Opportunites for the Blind national seminar is three exciting down-to-earth, practical, idea-laden hours of information for blind people seeking work. Join us. If you can't make it to convention, call JOB to receive the cassette copy. We'll help you increase your chances of getting the job of your choice.

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