Future Reflections Winter/ Spring 1991

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(Burwood Education Series Number 6)

Written by Ena Danielson Available from the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind

Review by Doris M. Willoughby

Teach Yourself To Sight Read Braille is a clever and appealing book designed to teach parents and others to read Braille by sight. The —cloze— approach is used extensively, with the context structured to help the learner figure out words from new or incomplete clues. The first selections are mostly in regular inkprint, with an occasional word shown in Braille instead. (Braille is shown by inked dots.) Later selections gradually have less in inkprint and more in Braille. Clever activities add interest—for example, a task of matching several Braille words with their inkprint definitions. U.S. readers will especially enjoy the Austrailian flavor, with drawings of kangaroos and platypuses. There are also a few differences in vocabulary, such as "full stop" for "period."

Braille rules are explained in an easy-to-read fashion that does not give every ramification. (It is assumed that the serious student will go on to use other instruction books.) There is one difference from U.S. Braille usage: for words like "dear," the ea sign and the ar sign are both indicated as acceptable.

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