Future Reflections

The National Federation of the Blind Magazine for Parents and Teachers of Blind Children

Vol. 10, No. 3     Fall 1991

Barbara Cheadle, Editor


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Vol. 10, No. 3     Fall 1991


Introduction by Barbara Cheadle

On Parenting the Visually Impaired Child by Norman Balot

What Blind Children Need by Tim Day

Education of the Blind Four-Year-Old

Blind Kids Love Sports, Too! by Tom Balek

Using Maps-Reprinted from: Handbook for Itinerant and Resource Teachers of Blind and Visually Impaired Students by Doris M. Willoughby and Sharon L. M. Duffy

The Work Ethic Applies to Blind Children, Too by Catherine Horn Randall

Functional Curriculum: Just Common Sense by Patty Merryman

Pouring in the Dark by Connie Weadon

Blindness and the Use of Partial Vision by Alfred P. Maneki, Ph.D.

Education of the Blind Mentally Retarded Child by Colleen Roth

Sensory Systems

Kids Corner

*The Fourth Generation on the Move

*Students Place High in Red Cross Competition

*Blind Foreign Exchange Student Visits U.S.A. by Karen Mayry

*My Trip With the Patriots to the Tournament of Roses by Rebbeca Hart

Myths and Realities About Parents

Readers and Braillists by Patricia Munson

Tips for Classroom Teachers by Carol Castellano

Kristin's Caterpillar by Kecia Binko

Distinguished Educator of Blind Children Award for 1992 by Sharon Maneki

1992 Application

Halloween Fun by Darlene Middleton

Sharon Duffy Talks About Cane Travel by Catherine Horn Randall and Sharon Duffy

The Possibilities of Art Education for the Blind by Kristy Bird

Who's Educating Whom? by Robert Scally

Illinois Parents Organize by Stephen O. Benson

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Complete Future Reflections

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