Future Reflections Spring 1992, Vol. 11 No. 2



     Editor's Note: The following item is reprinted from Horizons, the newsletter of the Parents Division of the National Federation of the Blind of Maryland.

          Hi! My name is Christina Shorten and I attend Ballenger Creek School in Frederick, Maryland.  I am 11 years old and I'm in the sixth grade.  My favorite classes are chorus and social studies. I enjoy chorus because I love to sing and the teacher is nice.  Social studies is interesting to me because I like reading about the world's history and where things are located. 

     I am in the Odyssey of the Mind program.  This is an extra-curricular activity for students who like to expand their knowledge. Odyssey of the Mind involves logic and hard thinking.

     I like to read, write, and listen to stories in my spare time.  I am attempting to get some of my short stories published in a small magazine called Notions Potions.  In the fourth grade I sent an essay in to the Maryland statewide writing contest.  I was chosen fourth place.  I won 18 Kings Dominion coupons.  I have participated in the Read-a-thon for the past five years. Last year I was one of the five most improved [Braille] readers in the United States of America. I received $25.00.

     In outdoor hobbies, I like planting gardens and exploring.  I like to plant gardens because I like to grow things and be responsible for living things.  I like exploring because I never know what's coming up next.  Sports I like to do are water skiing and beep ball.  I have been water skiing for the last five years. I am now learning how to cross the wakes.  I have been playing beep ball for the last four years.

     A few years back I had a modeling experience.  I was chosen to represent blind people in a social studies book calledCommunities s Near and Far.  I was given a Braille map and we went around the city.  This social studies book is for third graders.

     When I become an adult I want to be a lawyer.  I have chosen this career because I like to help people have things done in a fair way. In fifth grade our class went to witness some drug trials. I think these hearings are both enjoyable and educational. I think our class learned a lot about what can happen to you if you choose to do drugs.  In school I am taking the DARE program.  This program teaches you about drug abuse, resistance and education.  It is a full week program taught by a police officer.

     Christina gave this talk at the POBC/Maryland luncheon at [the NFB of Maryland] state convention this year. This was her first state convention. She is the oldest child of Teri and David Shorten. She has two brothers, ages 3 and 1. In April, there will be another addition to the family (hopefully a sister!). Christina has a delightful personality and a bright mind. It will be a pleasure to watch her grow! We look forward to hearing from her often.