Future Reflections Winter 1993, Vol. 12 No. 1



The following students were top winners in the 1991-1992 National Federation of the Blind Braille Readers are Leaders Contest. This nationwide contest recognizes the reading accomplishments of Braille students from kindergarten through 12th grades throughout the nation. Students who enter the contest compete for cash prizes and a special contest T-shirt. All contestants receive a ribbon and a certificate in recognition of their efforts in the contest. The number of pages read by the following winners is a testament to what Braille students can achieve when they have the enthusiasm and motivation to read. Long after their prize money has been spent, their T-shirts outgrown or outworn, their ribbons tucked away forgotten in a scrapbook, they will still be reading. This skill will continue to open doors of opportunity and pleasure throughout their lives.

Kindergarten-First Grade

First place: Cassie Lucarelli, Madison, WI; 4,539 pages.
Second place: Gabriela Gonzalez, Las Vegas, NV; 3,231 pages.
Third place: Arielle Silverman, Scottsdale, AZ; 2,701 pages.

Second-Fourth Grade

First place: James Konechne, White Lake, SD; 8,838 pages.
Second place: Jennifer Espinoza, Albuquerque, NM; 7,623 pages.
Third place: Blake Earl Roberts, Felton, DE; 7,405 pages.

Fifth-Eighth Grade

First place: Travis Roth, Dorchester, NE; 6,056 pages.
Second place: David Mehler, Uniontown, OH; 5,896 pages.
Third place: Wes Derby, Scotts Bluff, AZ; 5,602 pages.

Ninth-Twelfth Grade

First place: April Swaim, Arlington, TX; 10,013 pages.
Second place: Chastity Morse, Coon Rapids, MN 6,715 pages.
Third place: Jennifer Baker, Rockville, MD; 5,416 pages.


First place: Joshua Jungwirth, Ishpeming, MI; 1,475 pages.
Second place: Heidi Ward, Hanson, MA; 1,297 pages.
Third place: Gina Bunting, Fort Meade, MD; 1,264 pages.

Most Improved Winners:

     The intent of this award is to recognize those who have shown the greatest improvement in Braille reading from their performance in the previous year's contest. The top five (excluding those who qualify as winners in the other categories) are selected as the Most Improved Winners.

Karen Johnson, Muskegon, MI.
Rebecca Hart, Springfield, VA.
Annette Harvey, Baltimore, MD.
Melissa Keys, Stephenville, TX.
Paul Jackson, Baltimore, MD.

Note: The 1992-1993 contest ended in February.  The final judging and selection of winners for the contest will occur in late April, 1993.

     The 1993 -1994 Braille Readers are Leaders contest form will be published in Future Reflections this coming Fall.