Future Reflections

The National Federation of the Blind Magazine for Parents and Teachers of Blind Children

Vol. 14, No. 2     Special Issue 1995

Barbara Cheadle, Editor


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Vol. 14, No. 1    Special Issue 1995

Let's Talk About Blindness

When People Ask, "How Much Can You See?" by Doris M. Willoughby

How Red is a Redhead? by Doris M. Willoughby

Handy Hints About Money by Doris M. Willoughby

Meet Dr. Nemeth

Keeping a Notebook by Doris M. Willoughby

Recess! by Doris M. Willoughby

Braille Reading Contest

Slate Pals

I Want That by Peggy Pinder Elliott

What Color is the Sun by Lauren L. Eckery

Competing on Terms of Equality as Blind Students by Fred Schroeder

Climb Every Mountain by Barbara Pierce

Let That Blind Man Work on my Truck by Daryel White

One Small Step at a Time by Heidi Sherman

Managing a Bank Account by Peggy Elliott

Let's Talk Technology by David Andrews

Blind Teachers: Questions and Answers

Hamburgers and the Practice of Law by Marc Maurer

National Association of Blind Students by Olegario Cantos

National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program

Distinguished Educator of Blind Children Award by Sharon Maneki

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