Future Reflections Winter 1996, Vol. 15 No. 1



Virginia, Ann, and Barbara--my wife and daughters--make my life and work worthwhile and possible. Here are my love and support.

Dr. Kenneth Jernigan has for me, as for so many others, been my mentor and guide. He taught me what I know about blindness and showed me that I could live a full life. He also gave me comments on this booklet.

For their support, inspiration, and comments, I thank my friends in the National Federation of the Blind: Lloyd Rasmussen, Judy Rasmussen, Debbie Brown, Arlene Hill, Sharon Duffy, and Mary Ellen Gabias.

Any writer needs to find and gain access to relevant material, and I was helped by Norma Belt, my reader, and Carol Strauss, reference librarian.

I appreciate the discussions of shared experiences with Alan and Billie Ruth Schlank. As a beginning author, I appreciate the help in editing offered by Carl Knoettner. I thank my students who taught me as I was teaching them.