Future Reflections
                    Volume 15, Number 4 

                  Barbara Cheadle, Editor 

                         Fall, 1996

No Leash Law for the Blind  1

     by Carole Linhart
Hook, Line, and Golf Balls  5

     by David Walker
Why Not Golf?  10

     by Elizabeth Klunek
"Keep Your Eye on the Ball"  11

     by Pat Rossi
Never Too Young to Solve Problems  12
Blind Students Travel Abroad  15
Wheels and White Canes: 

 Tips for Helping Blind Wheelchair Users  17

     by Maureen Pranghofer
Insurance Appeal: Don't Give Up  20

     by Vicki Deskins
Help! I'm Using Assistive Technology in the Kitchen  21

     by Chris Cuppett
Wherefore Art Thou, User-Friendly Microwave?  25

     by Jim Aldrich
Accessing Consumer Electronics  28
Slate and Stylus Save the Day (And Maybe the Job)  28

     by Bennett Prows
The Doctor Is In: Optic Nerve Hypoplasia  31

     by Lisa Verderber, M.D.
Baby Talk--Development of Intelligence in Children: 

 The First Three Years  32

     by Linda M. Levine, M.Ed.
In Search of "Lilli Toys"  35

     by Judy Hurst
Blind Flutist Marches Beyond Her Disability  36

     by Michelle Martin
No Substitutes for Parental Wisdom, Common Sense  38

     by Barbara Pierce
1997 National Federation of the Blind Convention  41
New Orleans--The City with a Past  43

     by Jerry Whittle
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