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Volume 18, Number 4 Barbara Cheadle, Editor Convention Report 1999


The 1999 NFB Convention Photo Review

NFB Convention 2000

Our Summer Vacation

by Pauletta Feldman

My NFB Convention Experience

by Kathryn Hanks, Jamie Weedman, Chris Dahmke, and Joanne Gabias

A Report on the 1999 Annual Meeting of the
National Organization of Parents of Blind Children

When I Was In School: Reflections and Advice from Blind
Adults and College Students

National Federation of the Blind
Scholarship Application Form

The Scholarship Class of 1999

by Barbara Pierce

Accessible Educational Software for Blind Students

by Bruce McClanahan

Technology Temptations of 1999

by Nancy Coffman

The Blind Children’s Resource Center

by Carol Castellano

What Is A Sensory Safari?

by Tracy Duffy

NFB Confirms What Her Students Know:
Debbie Baker Has It

by Don Baker

Success Through Reading: Heather’s Story

by Marlene Culpepper

NEWSLINE´┐Ż is for Blind Kids, Too

by Peggy Chong

A Summary of the 1999 National Federation of the Blind

by Sharon Maneki

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

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