Future Reflections Fall 2000, Vol. 19 No. 4

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1999 2000 Braille Readers Are Leaders
Contest Winners

School for the Blind
Outstanding Participation Award

South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind

School for the Blind Honorable Mention

Kansas State School for the Blind

Excellence in Promoting Braille Literacy

JoAnne Stenbuck

Teacher of the Visually Impaired, MA



First: Shelley Rhodes, PA, 3,012 pages, grade 12

Second: Pippi Adams, KS, 2,652 pages, grade 12

Third: Renae Goettel, WA, 1,181 pages, grade 9

                                                                Honorable Mention

Olivia Ramirez, KS, 668 pages, grade 8

Andrea Ramirez, KS, 615 pages, grade 8

                                                            Kindergarten First Grade

First: Tyler Kavanaugh, KS, 10,789 pages, grade 1

Second: Brianna Brown, WV, 5,035 pages, grade 1

Third: Morgayne Mulkern, MA, 3,371 pages, grade 1

                                                               Honorable Mention

Hannah Weatherd, MT, 2,592 pages, grade 1

Rachael McCauley, MA, 2,287 pages, grade 1

                                                            Second Fourth Grades

First: Desiree Oudinot, PA, 12,354 pages, grade 4

Second: Casey Burns, WI, 9,629 pages, grade 4

Third: Macy McClain, OH, 7,035 pages, grade 3

                                                                Honorable Mention

Rochelle Schmitt, IN, 3,580 pages, grade 2

Katlyn Kress, MN, 3,291 pages, grade 2

                                                             Fifth Eighth Grades

First: Heather Bandy, CA, 9,236 pages, grade 6

Second: Heather Wilson, OR, 8,655 pages, grade 7

Third: Jessica Watson, MD, 6,435 pages, grade 6

Honorable Mention

Corey Grandstaff, OH, 6,398 pages, grade 5

Chelsea Pinson, OK, 6,154 pages, grade 6

                                                           Ninth Twelfth Grades

First: Angela Hubbard, VA, 15,013 pages, grade 11

Second: James Konechne, SD, 11,035 pages,
grade 12

                                                                Honorable Mention

Joshua Jungwirth, MI, 9,557 pages, grade 11

Alex Bustos, AZ, 6,363 pages, grade 9

                                                               Most Improved

Adrian Joe, AZ, age 17

Cathy Drake, WA, age 14

Ashley Canen, WA, age 14

Arthur McClendon, MO, age 13

Becky Bruce, MI, age 13

Kurt Elliott, MO, age 10

Kayla Routon, MO, age 8

Edith Noriega, AZ, age 18

Matthew Brock, KY, age 13

Esmeralda Bueno, CA, age 11

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