Future Reflections                                                               Convention Report 2005

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NOPBC Exhibit Table—Come One, Come All!

by Debby Brackett
[email protected]

The Brackett Family
The Brackett family: left to right, back to front: Bob Brackett, Debby Brackett, Luke, Daniel, and Winona.

Editor’s Note: Are you planning to attend the 2006 NFB convention? Whether this is your first convention or your sixth, whether you are coming alone or bringing the entire family, you are invited to volunteer at the NOBPC exhibit table. Debby Brackett, NOPBC board member from Florida, coordinates the exhibit table, and she would love to hear from you. She can be reached at <[email protected] yahoo.com>. Here is what she has to say about the joys of working the NOPBC exhibit table:

Do you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the sale floor? Meeting new friends and greeting old friends? Having the opportunity to check out and play with new merchandise? Then the NOPBC exhibit hall table is the place to be!!

Each year the NOPBC sponsors a table in the exhibit hall at the National Convention of the National Federation of the Blind. In 2005, the NOPBC was one of about ninety exhibitors. Those exhibitors included government agencies, such as the Library of Congress, National Library Services, Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS); private, non-profit organizations, such as Benetech Bookshare.org; blindness technology companies, such as HumanWare and Freedom Scientific; and around thirty state affiliates and national divisions of the NFB. Like the other NFB affiliates, the NOPBC uses the exhibit space to raise money for programs.

In the NOPBC, we use the funds from our sales to help blind children receive training, access technology, and attend conferences and conventions. Items are donated or purchased at a discount so that we can raise funds for the kids. We have everything from toys, games, and books to products that appeal to adults.

Two young girls smile for the camera.
Sighted sibling, Mary Schuck of Michagan, happily assists Monique Melton of Virginia at the 2005 NOPBC exhibit table.

Old or young, blind, visually impaired or “light dependent,” everyone can participate. In two-hour shifts, two people work together to entice others to stop by and purchase treasures from the NOPBC table. Without a doubt, Rose Marie Bowman of Michigan is a champion for the kids. She and her son Brickie are always willing to help out at the table and talk to other parents. Things really get hopping when Rose Marie works the table. “Get your travel bags here! Five dollars each or two for ten dollars, ladies’ or men’s! Check out the products inside!” Those travel bags flew off the table! We sold almost 500 of them in two days at the 2005 convention in Louisville.

The kids always enjoy playing with the toys, especially the noisy ones! Clackers, whistles, and cow bells are all favorites. When kids like Winona Brackett, Daniel Brackett, Kyra Sweeney, and Megan Bening help at the table, who can say “No”?

Come one, come all! Bring your time, your talents, and your donations to the NOPBC table during national convention. Get your NOPBC 50/50 raffle ticket! Stop by and purchase some treasures to take home! NOPBC and the kids need you.

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