Future Reflections                                                               Convention Report 2005

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The ABC’s of Braille

by Carol Castellano

Carol in front of her class.
Carol Castellano uses a flip-chart and flash cards to co-teach the Braille workshop for parents with Patricia Maurer. Castellano is President of the Parents of Blind Children, a division of the NFB of New Jersey, and Maurer is the Community Relations Director at the national headquarters of the NFB.
Susan Swift
Susan Swift of New York beams with delight as she completes her first lesson with the slate and stylus.

Participants in the ABCs of Braille workshop at the NOPBC 2005 Seminar found out that Braille is important, useful, simple, and fun! After Patricia Maurer and special drop-in visitor Dr. Marc Maurer explained the many ways they use Braille in their lives, Mrs. Maurer demonstrated Braille-reading technique. Then we got down to learning about the Braille cell, contractions, numbers, and punctuation.

Participants enjoyed doing several worksheets and were surprised to discover that they could easily read simple words in Braille. Before long they were writing letters with their slates and styli and learning how to make print-Braille flashcards. They seemed to appreciate going home with their slates, an embossed alphabet card, a Braille “cheat sheet,” and lots of resource information.


Shawn Payne and Anne Radavich sit at a table.
Shawn Payne of Utah compares notes with Anne Radavich of Indiana.

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