Future Reflections          Convention Report 2007

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FREE—Special Issues of Future Reflections

“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.” – Samuel Johnson

Future Reflections Magazine CoverWhile many find that the variety found in the pages of an issue of Future Reflections is one of its key components, sometimes focusing on a particular genre or issue can provide the greatest information and clarity. To that end, occasionally Future Reflections will release a special issue on a particular topic or area of interest.

Due to their popularity we have ordered larger quantities of these issues than of their regular counterparts. If you, or someone you know, would like to obtain either one or a number of these issues, please contact the NFB Independence Market at <[email protected]>; by phone at (410) 659-9314, ext. 2216; or by fax at (410) 685-2340. Shipping and handling fees may apply to large orders.

If you have any questions about the publication, contact Parent Outreach at <[email protected]>; by phone at (410) 659-9314, ext. 2361; or by mail at Parent Outreach, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230.

Here are the current selections with order numbers in parentheses:
Volume 14, Number 2: Special Issue for Children and Youth (F1402)—also available in Braille!
Volume 17, Number 3: Multiple Disabilities (F1703)
Volume 23, Number 2: The Early Years (F2302)
Volume 24, Number 3: Low Vision and Blindness (F2403)
Volume 26, Number 2: Sports, Fitness, and Blindness (F2602)

Since all of our issues are available in print and on cassette tape, please be sure to specify which version you would like. Please note that Volume 14, Number 2 is the only issue for which Braille is available.

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