Future Reflections

A Magazine for Parents and Teachers of Blind Children published by
the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults in partnership
with the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children.

Volume 29 Number 3                             Summer 2010

Deborah Kent Stein, Editor


Teacher shows Lyra how to position her hands for Braille reading


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Volume 29 Number 3                                     Summer 2010



Analyzing and Selecting Children’s Picture Books That Feature Blind Characters
by Barbara Cheadle


Equal Standards for Blind Children
by Matthew Maurer, PhD       
Jitters and Butterflies: Helping Your Child Deal with Anxiety about School
by Natacha V. Beim               

Kendra K. Holloway: First Grader
by Stephanie Kieszak-Holloway        


Sight Unseen
by Mashawna Thompson
Maegan’s Story
by Denise M. Robinson, TVI, PhD

Braille: Unlocking the Code
by Sheila Amato, Ed.D.


The Comprehensive Music Program for Young People at Lighthouse International
by Dalia M. Sakas, D.M.A.    

Blowing My Own Horn
by Gordon Kent

Step to the Music
by Kayleigh Joyner     

All Things Possible
by Crystal Morales


Navigating the Social Landscape: Strategies For Success
by Arielle Silverman  

Collaborations and Connections
An Interview with Brett Page 

Friends Make All the Difference
by David Thomas

A Walk Across the Stage
by Doreen Franklin, Susan Harper, and Carol Castellano

Have Cane, Will Travel? Halfway Around the World!
by Amy Mason                       


My Fair Child
by Maureen Ryan Esposito
Reviewed by Connie J. Davis


Leading the Way: The 2009-2010 Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest
by Natalie Shaheen

New NOPBC Board Elected
by Laura Weber

News From Florida
by Lenora Marten

Report From Texas
by Laura Weber


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