Future Reflections Sept./ Oct./ Nov.1984, Vol. 3 No. 4

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by Sarah's Mom

Editor's Note: We received the following tip from a children's consultant, Barbara Buchanan, of the Canadian National Institute of the Blind. She in turn received it from the mother of a two-year-old RLF baby.

We believe other parents of young blind children will find this tip innovative, helpful and fun. We thank Barbara and "Sarah's Mom" for passing the tip on.

One of the most frustrating things if you have a blind baby or child is the way they tend to hold their head down. It's so difficult to feed or talk to them when their head is always down.

Here is a little trick I used to teach my daughter to hold her head up. It's a little game we played with the reward that she learned to bring her head up. Here are the words and actions:

Words                                   Actions

"Knock on the door"        --Tap baby's forehead

"Ring The Bell"               --Pull down gently on ear lobe

"Lift the Latch"               --Put your finger under baby's nose and lift gently

"Walk Right In"              --Put your finger into baby's mouth

"Chin Chopper Chin"      --Tickle under the Chin

Important -- then say "Good! Heads Up!"

A good time to play this game is at meal time. You'll find, after awhile, all you'll have to say is, "Knock on the door," and tap your baby's forehead and up will come his head. Repeat, "Good! Heads up!" each time your baby brings the head to the proper position. Then after a while all you'll have to say is, "Heads up!" and the head will come up.

This game can be played anywhere, it's a fun and cute game to play. I played it with my daughter everywhere, even as she sat in the shopping cart. People in the store would see us playing our game and thought it was cute, they wouldn't even guess why I was doing it. If you have other children in your family they'll love to learn the game, it's fun to do with an instant reward.

I hope this will help you as it did us -- above all remember it's a game and have fun.
Sarah's Mom

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