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Volume 20, Number 2                        Barbara Cheadle, Editor                    Spring Summer 2001


     In lieu of a regular magazine issue, Volume 20, Number 2 is a special mailing having links to two Kernel Books. Kernel Books are paperback volumes of true stories told by blind persons about how they have dealt with  problems and achieved goals. I�m sure you will enjoy these inspired real-life stories, and will want to share them with others.

Beginnings and Blueprints
Dr. Kenneth Jernigan, Editor 1995

Toothpaste and Railroad Tracks
Dr. Kenneth Jernigan, Editor NFB 1995

Following are links to other interesting materials:

Braille Is Beautiful review by Carol Castellano�"Jake and the Secret Code"� the just released educational video which is part of a new program�Braille is Beautiful�just launched by the NFB to make Braille as widely known among school children as sign language has become. Please feel free to copy and distribute the video review and the order form to teachers, school administrators, youth leaders, etc.They�ll be glad to have information about this wonderful new teaching tool about blindness and Braille.

Braille Is Beautiful Video Set Order Form

The Braille Readers Are Leaders contest form.

The sponsors are offering exciting new incentives to constestants this year, so be sure your child or student is ready to take part in this great contest.