ISSN 0883-3419

Volume 20, Number 4�����������������       Barbara Cheadle, Editor��������� ���������          Winter 2001


   2002 National Federation of the Blind Convention

   Alabama Seminar for Parents
   by Mike Jones

   Literacy Leaps as Blind Students Embrace Technology
   by Deborah Hartz

   Aide Lauded for Work with Blind Kids
   by Colleen Pohling

   Teacher Recognition Letter: Karen DeFeo, Maryland

   Distinguished Educator of Blind Children
   Award for 2002

   by Sharon Maneki

   Out of the Mouths of Babes
by Paige Parrish and Jean Robinson

   Pre-Braille Experiences for Infants and Toddlers
by Terri Connolly

   A Montana Yankee in Louis Braille�s Court
    by Carolyn Brock

   Low Vision and Monoculars
by Edith Ethridge

   A Sighted Mom�s First Mobility Lesson
   by Lydiah Schuck

   Let the Medals Jingle
   by Tonia Valletta Trapp

   Physical Education and Recreation for Blind
   and Visually Impaired Students

   by Angelo Montagnino

   If I Have Seen Further: The Blind Serving Communion?
   by James H. Omvig

   Breaking Ground, Building a Dream

   NFB Chapter Reaches Out to Parents and Blind Teens
   by John Bailey

   Fashion Tips
   by Dana Ard

   Reflections and Photographs
   by Jennifer Dunnam

   Unseen Forces: What Blind People Draw
   by Blake Gopnik

   The Blind Lead the Sighted: Technology for People with Disabilities Finds a Broader Market
   by Eric A. Taub

   Catalogs from the Editor�s Bookshelf

   International Braille and Technology Center
   for the Blind

   Complete Winter Issue (Text only)

   Complete Winter Issue (Text only zip file)

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