Future Reflections Spring/ Summer1987, Vol. 6 No. 2

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When was the last time you paid your subscription fee for Future Reflections?

If you are current, THANK YOU! If you are not up-to-date, is it because:

* You have been waiting for a renewal notice.

Then please consider this your renewal notice. We do not send out individual renewal notices so we must count on you to check your records and keep up to date. If yearly reminders in Future Reflections would help, then we will make this an annual feature. You could also plan to pay your subscription fee at a time when you have to pay another annual fee or bill; or you could work out some other system to remind yourself when your subscription is due.

* You once received a complimentary subscription.

Under certain circumstances, we have offered complimentary subscriptions to individuals or groups. If you are one of those, and you have been getting the magazine for more than a year, you should ask yourself this: How valuable has Future Reflections been to me? Is it worth $8.00 a year? Would I like others to be introduced to the magazine as I was, with a complimentary subscription? Then, consider what you ought to do if your answer is "yes", or if it is "no".

* You never requested a subscription.

Future Reflections just mysteriously appeared in your mailbox one day. Friends, relatives, and members of the National Federation of the Blind often send in subscription requests for parents or teachers. Sometimes they send in a fee, sometimes they do not. We always, however, add the names to our mailing list. If you were one of these people, ask yourself if Future Reflections has helped you. If it has, then please consider if you want to help others benefit the way you did and send in your subscription.

As you can tell from the comments above, Future Reflections is not self supporting. This is because our first concern has been to help parents of blind children get the information and perspective about blindness they so desperately need in order to be good parents to their blind child.

Your subscriptions and donations will help see to it that we continue to have the funds to reach out to parents and their blind children who need the knowledge and support we offer.

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