Future Reflections                                                                                          Spring, 2002

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Slate Pals

A pen pal program for blind Braille reading students who
want to write and receive Braille letters from other students.

Mail to: SLATE PALS, 5817 North Nina, Chicago, Illinois 60631 or <[email protected]>

SLATE PAL PROFILE                            

Name_________________________ Age_____ Birth Date______ Grade______

          (circle one)   *male      *female

Address_______________________ City____________ State____ Zip________

E-mail:_______________________________   Phone ______________________



I would like (fill in the number) _______slate pal(s)

I would like my slate pal(s) to be ___________age (please specify a range)

I would like my slate pal(s) to be (circle one)    *male     *female       *no preference

Sponsored by the
National Organization of Parents of Blind Children

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