Future Reflections Winter 1988, Vol. 7 No. 1

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Editor's Note: This article was published in the October-November issue of the Braille Monitor. This allowed plenty of time for people to meet the deadline. However, I understand that some Future Reflections rp.adp.rs do not get the Braille Monitor. Since you may not receive this issue before the deadline, we will consider extensions. To discuss this you should call Ramona Walhofat: (208) 3431377 as soon as possible!

At the 1988 convention, the National Federation of the Blind will be making two awards to educators. Are you a candidate for one of them?
In 1987 the National Association of Blind Educators, a division of the NFB, established the Outstanding Blind Educator Award. This year the National Association of Blind Educators would again like to recognize the achievements of blind professionals who have demonstrated superior ability in their work as educators. The Outstanding Blind Educator Award will be presented during the meeting of the National Association of Blind Educators, which will take place Monday afternoon, July 4th. The winner will also be invited to make a presentation of his or her approaches in education at that time. Additional recognition will be given at the NFB banquet Thursday evening, July 7th. The honoree will also receive a cash award of $500.

Selection of the Outstanding Blind Educator will be by a three member committee comprised of three outstanding blind educators each of whom is also a member of the National Association of Blind Educators. The chairperson of the committee is Patricia Munson of California. Anyone wishing to nominate an Outstanding Blind Educator should submit the following information in writing to Pat Munson.: 833 Key Root Blvd., Albany, CA 94706.

1. A letter of nomination may be submitted by the nominee or on behalf of the nominee before April 15,1988. The letter shouls include a professional profile of the nominee as well as information on community service or other distinguishing activities.

2. Letters seconding an individual's nomination may be submitted by friends or colleagues to the committee chairperson. These letters may be used to expand upon information already submitted and add additional information which may be helpful to the committee in making its decision.

The Outstanding Blind Educator Award represents a real opportunity to honor a blind person who has made substantial contributions both in his or her professional work and to the organized blind. Please submit your nominations early.

The second award to be made to an educator by the NFB in 1988 is called the Distinguished Teacher of Blind Children Award. Anyone who is currently teaching, counseling, or administering in a program for blind children may be considered eligible to receive this award. The selection committee for The Distinguished Teachers of Blind Children Award is chaired by Ramona Walhof at 1301 South Capitol Blvd., Suite C, Boise, Idaho 83706, and the committee includes teachers with much experience. Teachers may be nominated by colleagues, supervisors, or friends. The letter of nomination should simply state why the teacher is being recommended for the award. Two additional requirements must be met by the teacher being nominated.

To apply for and win this award, it is not necessary to be a member of the National Federation of the Blind, but you will be expected to attend the 1988 convention. It is a wonderful opportunity for any teacher working with blind children to meet others in the same field, as well as parents and blind persons who have had experience in a variety of educational programs. The convention will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago, July 2nd through 8th, 1988. The winner of this award will receive an expense paid trip to the convention and will be invited to make a presentation on the education of blind children to the NFB Parents Division early in the convention. In addition, the winner will receive a check for $500 and an attractive plaque at the NFB banquet Thursday evening, July 7.

Each nominee must submit to the Selection Committee Chairman:

1. A one-page letter describing your beliefs and approaches in your work.

2. The answers to the following ten questions:
      1. List your degrees, the institution from which they were received, and the major area(s) of study.
      2. How long and in what programs have you taught blind children?
      3. In what setting do you teach? (Example: classroom in school for the blind, special education classroom, itinerant program, etc.)?
      4. How many students do you teach regularly this year? What subjects do you teach them?
      5. How many of your students read and write primarily: a) Braille b) Large print c) Closed circuit T. V. d) Recorded materials e) Small print
      6. How many of your students use both print and Braille?
      7. At what age do you recommend that your student begin: a) reading Braille b) writing with a slate and stylus c) writing with a Braillewriter?
      8. At what age do you recommend your students begin to learn independent cane travel?
      9. How do you determine which children should learn cane travel and which should not?
      10. a) At what age do you recommend students begin typing? b) When do you expect them to be able to hand in typed assignments?

The National Federation of the Blind is most happy to be able to offer these two awards. We are looking forward to receiving nominations for many well-qualified educators.

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