Future Reflections

The National Federation of the Blind Magazine for Parents and Teachers of Blind Children

Vol. 7, No. 3     Fall 1988

Barbara Cheadle, Editor


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Vol. 7, No. 3    Fall 1988

Focus on the Education of Blind Children

Blindness and Independence: A Report on the July 2, 1988, NFB Parents Seminar

Application for the 1989 "Distinguished Teacher of Blind Children Award"

Laying the Groundwork for Independence

Personal Perspectives on the 1988 NFB Convention

The Doctor Is In: Leukocoria in Infants and Children

What Kind of Jobs Can Blind People Do?

The Reality of Blindness

Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Play with the Pots and Pans!


They Did It Again!! Report on the 1987-88 "Braille Readers Are Leaders" Contest

National Convention Calls For Braille Literacy

Problems and Opportunities in the Education of Blind Children: The Challenge of the 90's

Literature Review: Just Enough To Know Better: A Braille Primer

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