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National Resource Center for Blind Musicians

National Endowment for the Arts
Music and Arts Center for Humanity

The National Resource Center for Blind Musicians provides information and referral services on matters regarding Braille music, technology, and strategies that enable visually impaired people to study music in school or college settings. It can direct inquirers to someone in its network of musicians and teachers in the field and can provide consultation and training. It also runs an annual Summer Institute for Blind College-bound Musicians, which brings together high school and beginning college students from around the country to prepare for advanced music study.†

The National Resource Center is a division of the Music and Arts Center for Humanity, a school of the arts serving children and adults with special needs in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The Resource Center reaches beyond the state to share its experience and hard-to-find information regarding blindness and music education with students, professional musicians, parents, and teachers.

How the National Resource Center Can Help

Locating Sources of Braille Music: We do not have a Braille music library or transcribe Braille music, but we may have suggestions for finding a piece of music when the standard sources canít help.

Suggestions for Including Blind Students† In Music: Teachers can talk with us about how to get students started with Braille music, teaching strategies, or ways for students to keep up with their peers in theory or ensemble activities.

Advice to musicians losing vision: The Resource Center can help musicians who have hitherto worked with print music find new methods to accomplish their goals.

On-site training for students and teachers: Our staff can travel within New England and New York State to conduct workshops for school staff and provide training to students in Braille music and technology.

Put people in touch with blind musicians in their area who often serve as mentors: Our network of musicians around the country has a great deal of accumulated experience in every imaginable area.† If we donít know the answer to a particular question, chances are we can put you in touch with someone who does.

Summer Institute for Blind College-bound Musicians: This three-week, residential program held on a college campus is for students tenth grade and up who are serious about pursing formal music study. All students study Braille music, technology, theory and ensemble, while working and living in a situation where they can hone their college independence skills and make friends with peers. Cost of the program is $2,000 with partial scholarships available.†††††††††††††

Contact Information

National Resource Center for Blind Musicians Music and Arts Center for Humanity
600 University Avenue
Bridgeport, Connecticut 06601
Phone (203) 366-3300 *† Fax (203) 368-2847
Web site: www.musicandartscenter.org

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