Future Reflections Spring/ Summer1989, Vol. 8 No. 2

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Editor's Note: I received the following letter this spring. It is always uplifting to get a glimpse of the many different ways Future Reflections influences the lives of our readers. It is especially gratifying when that influence, as is the case with Beth's Braille Books, will benefit many other blind children.

March 21, 1989
Ms. Barbara Cheadle, Editor
Future Reflections
National Federation of the Blind

Dear Barbara:

I am a new transcriber who is interested in making Braille books for children. Last year, somehow I got on your list for Future Reflections. I learned very much from your magazine and made friends as a result of your magazine. For example, I wrote to Stephanie Gore the story for her to share, and we are now pen friends. I also wrote to Sister Agnes, who had advertised free Braille books for children, and because of her, I am writing to you.

Sister Agnes Windolph placed an ad in your Spring/Summer 1988 issue and received numerous responses. When I wrote her, she explained that she was suffering from terminal illness and wondered if I could help her. Within the few remaining months of 1988, Sister Agnes managed to hand-make 47 books for children. Her health failed her, and she passed away on February 26, soon after I agreed to accept her unfinished work. I am now starting a nonprofit organization to build a Braille library for children through the world and make books to give to children once or twice a year. Because many of your readers responded and are still responding to Sister Agnes's ad, I would appreciate your acceptance to print a brief article about Sister and also mention that I am now accepting her work....

NOTE: The article to which Ms. Marsau refers repeats the information in her letter with the addition of this statement: "I welcome letters from you and your children, and I also would appreciate any help that you are willing to give, financially or otherwise." Her address is:

Beth's Braille Books
Beth D. Marsau
6162 Aquarius
Ferndale, WA 98248.

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