Future Reflections Fall 1989, Vol. 8 No. 3

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Sometime this past spring, Susan Christensen, Literary Braille Chairman of the National Braille Association, Inc. (N.B.A.), called the National Federation of the Blind. She needed ideas, information, and resources for a workshop she was going to be conducting for Braille transcribers on the topic, "Storybooks Format for Braille." I and several other Federationist talked with Ms. Christensen and contributed what thoughts and knowledge we had on the topic. Later, I received a letter from Ms. Christensen. She thanked us for our help, said that the workshop was very enthusiastically received, and included a resource list of Braille storybooks which she had compiled for the workshop. She hopes to add to the list as she finds out about other sources or as new sources open up. Here, then, is the list.


Before Brailling a storybook, check to see if it is available from another source. The following are grouped according to purchase or loan availability. Apparently there is no established listing available for resources of children's books. If you know of other resources please let me know, so a complete list will be available to those requesting one. N.B.A. does not make any claim to the quality of these books, only that these sources are available.


National Braille Press
88 St. Stephen Street
Boston, MA 02115. (617) 266-6160

National Braille Press offers a Book-of-the-Month Club. The grade level (preschool to third grade) and type of book varies from month to month. There are two ways to be a member.
1. The current month's selection description is sent each month, which allows the person to accept or decline the particular book. There is no fee for being a member and there is no obligation for purchasing a certain number of books.
2. For $100 a year, each month's current selection is automatically sent. It usually turns out that the club member receives twelve books for the price of eleven.

American Printing House
P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, KY 40206-0085. (502) 895-2405

Available books are listed in their general catalog.

Howe Press
175 North Beacon Street
Watertown, MA 02172. (617) 924- 3434

Limited titles (in print/Braille) are listed in their general catalog.

Seedlings: Braille Books for Children
8447 Marygrove Drive
Detroit, Ml 48221. (313) 862-7828

Print and Braille catalogs are available. Braille-only and print/Braille books are available.

Sense-Able Braille Books
5999 W. Meisenheimer Road, P.O. Box 333
Ludington, Ml 49431-0333. (616) 845-6464

Catalog is available. The books are for junior and senior high grades.

Braille Institute of America
741 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029. (213) 663-1111

EXPECTATIONS is an anthology of current children's literature published by the Braille Institute, published once a year. It is free of charge to all blind children in grades three through six.

Guild for the Blind (formerly the Catholic Guild)
1800 North Michigan
Chicago, IL 60601. (312) 236-8569

Children's books at different reading levels are available. Catalog in print and Braille.

Naperville Area Transcribing for the Blind (NATB)
670 North Eagle Street
Naperville, IL 60540. (312) 420-1863 Contact: Gloria Buntrock, Coordinator

NOTE: The Naperville Area Transcribing for the Blind started a General Interest Registry in 1983. There are currently 21 listing agencies for children's literature, cookbooks, fiction and nonfiction, knitting/crocheting patterns, computers and electronics, health, hobbies, music, religion, career, and miscellaneous. There are over 250 children's literature books listed at this time. Please use this service to avoid duplication of our efforts, and register your books too. They have printed their first catalog, and it's available in print only. The General Interest Catalog is $3.50. There is no fee for registering or using the service.


National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
The Library of Congress
1291 Taylor Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20542. 1-800-424-9100

Application is made with NLS, and materials are loaned through a national network of state and local libraries. Catalogs are available for choosing selections.

American Brotherhood for the Blind
18440 Oxnard Street
Tarzana, CA 91356. (213) 343-2022

Has a lending library of 30,000 books in Twin Vis Braille--only for preschool through junior high. The) sex, reading level, and interests of the child are re with the agency. There is no selection available by the ( but 3-4 books are chosen and sent. The loan period i months. Records are kept by the agency to avoid di tion of books being sent.

Christian Education for the Blind, Inc.
P.O. Box 6399
Fort Worth, TX 76115. (817) 923-0603

Religious and general literature books are a\ Limited to two books at a time for one month.

Christian Record Braille Foundation, Inc.
4444 South 52nd Street
Lincoln, NE 68516. (402) 488-0981

Basically set up for blind parents reading to sij children, but will consider loaning to blind children. Lii number of religious and general literature books are i able. Limited to two volumes for 30-60 days.

Braille Circulating Library, Inc.
2700 Stuart Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220. (804) 359-3743

Religious (some fiction) books are available. Generally limited to one title for six weeks. Catalog is available in print and Braille.

Whidbey Island Braillists
45 East Henni Road Oak
Harbor, WA 98277. (206) 675-9439 (Dottie Jordan)

This group originally started the library for blind parents reading to sighted children, but is open to anyone. The books are for one year olds to beginning grade school, and are print/Braille. The child's age and interests are registered and four books are sent every two weeks (there is no choice of selections). Records are kept to avoid duplication of books being sent.

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